Sunday, October 04, 2009


I have had the best myself, just "puttering" around here. The sun decided to show itself for a bit, and I even managed to spend an hour on my balcony, reading my book in the warmth. I spent some time in the tub, swept up kitty litter a few times, took a nap. Just a wonderful, alone, quiet day.

I have also spent some time in my head, remembering a few funny things in my life---the things that make me laugh, even when no one is around, even when it happened years ago. I wrote about a couple of those things a while back, here, but there were others....

"Turn the music down Travis Jean!"
"But dad---it's Yes, Close To the Edge!"
"Close to the Edge hell...they've gone all the way over!"

"I like your socks Don---I like that style"
"Yep, they're new, the style is called gargoyle".

And the mister wet weekly story is a sure giggle every time.

Underpants underpants underpants.

Hope your day made you smile, too. :)


Anonymous said...

Those are my favorite kind of days, Jamie... the ones where I am free to just putter around quietly and let my thoughts roam. I'm so glad you have stored up memories filled with laughter, those will get you thru the tough times. Have a good week ahead Jamie, you deserve it! :-)

Moohaa said...

I needed a smile, thanks. :)

Glad you had such a good day. We all need those!

Cheryl said...

Good morning. I'm thrilled to hear you had a perfect day. Just what you wanted and needed.

My perfect days are the ones that I'm really active. When I'm puttering around the house, I feel like I'm wasting time away. Strange how perspectives can be so different, isn't it?

I'm ready for a busy day off :))