Saturday, October 03, 2009

I have a list?

Yea for Saturday, yea for weekends!

No work, no alarms, no schedule. LOVE it!

It has been a busy week. The end of the month is always that way, but this month was easy, comparatively. I have the whole previous month put to bed on the second and I like it that way. I could do it on the first, but GM won't accept my financial statement until the second. So...yesterday I kicked butt and then I took names. I am ready to start the new month on Monday.

Tired and in pain today, but that is not news. Grocery shopping and cleaning to be done today, but that isn't news, either. Hmmm...I'm thinking I have no news. :)

I went furniture shopping this week and discovered that I have no idea what I want, or what will look right in this place. The one thing I won't do is make another mistake like the last one, so it may be awhile until I find the right thing. It's not like it matters, no one is here but me.

I got a new phone and once again, can't work it. It's hell to be technologically challenged. It would help if I could see the damned thing. Eye dr is on my short list...

Happy Saturday y'all.


Cheryl said...

Enjoy your no-pressure day. Rest! And take your time on the furniture. I bought a couch when I first moved to my house. A really expensive one in a fabric that was not made for a family. It took forever to find the perfect replacement, but I did.

I'm enjoying my day off. It's been busy, but that's OK.

Moohaa said...

I love Saturdays. I'm a bit lonely today as hubby has to work, but it's still a lovely day. Furniture shopping.. that is only something I can dream about. I get everything second hand. :) But I do love looking!!

Have a great day!

Leann said...

Congrats on kickin' butt!! That always feels fantastic.

Gotta love the weekends. I got all my chores done yesterday, was uber productive. That feels good too.

Enjoy your Sunday girl.

SOUL: said...

i want a short list... how do you get a one?
wanna trade?
happy sunday!

Lynx217 said...

sometimes no news is good news!
tell you what, do my laundry, take my cat to the vet and even HELP me clean this place up and I'll take your entire list!