Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Over the course of my life, there have been a few things - just a handful really, that make me laugh out loud, no matter what I am doing...if I think of these things, I will honest-to-god-laugh-out-loud, right then and there. Sometimes, I will be in a room with someone else, and there I sit, laughing for no apparent reason...and trying to explain can almost make it worse...

I have a younger sister--she is ten years younger than me. I don't often talk about her here, mostly because we don't see alot of each other, she lives a few hours away, is still raising her family, but when we are together, it is always good. She has the best nature, is most always uplifting, and has always, ALWAYS made me laugh. Once, and I don't remember how old she was at the time, but she was either already an adult, or nearly so---she got a plant as a gift from someone. If I remember right, it was in a pumpkin planter. I want to say it was an african violet but hey - I'm old and can't always remember the details. She was so excited. She is always excited when anyone gives her anything---which is why I love to buy anything for her, and always have, she is just so much fun to give things to..but anyway, she received this plant in a pumpkin planter. She was telling me about it, her excitement level way up there. She said "it even came with a name!" I said, "your plant has a name?" She replied, "yes, it's name is on a tag stuck in the's Mister Wet Weekly." Oh my.... I still laugh at that, obviously the instructions came on a tag- "mist or wet, weekly". And yep, I laugh as I write this, and this happened years ago.

Back in the early nineties, there was a country song by Joe Diffie---"If the devil danced in empty pockets...", it was a good song. A radio dj was being silly one day and finished the title his way "I'd have a party in my pants". Yep, laughing out loud now over this one, too. Perhaps that one is a "you had to be there moment", but it struck my funny bone badly.

Once, the whole family was invited to dinner at my mom's. She made this very elegant dinner of cornish game hens...and my mother was a very elegant entertainer. We were having general, run of the mill dinner conversation, and we were talking about cornish hens and various ways to prepare them. She asked me "have you ever ordered them out"? I stood up, and very seriously demanded..."all of you skinny little chickens--out! Out I say!" The look on her face was truly priceless. Still to this day, I picture someone telling those damned birds what to do, and all she was doing was asking if I had ever ordered them in a restaurant.

There are a couple of words that make me laugh, no matter what. One is underpants. UNDERPANTS. I have no idea why. Stupid? You bet. The proverbial rubber chicken, always brings a smile to my face. I have one around here somewhere. It used to reside in my kitchen.

What makes you laugh? Anyone have any stories they want to share that brings out the honest-to-god belly laugh?


SOUL: said...

i'm first!
that makes me laugh-- sometimes-
and J'astro too. nuthin like your snorty laugh.
it makes me laugh when i can make someone else laugh too.

and not so much laughing-- but it makes me happy to hear you sounding so good lately
love you

Smocha said...

I LOVED this post ! And thanks for the idea for a post in these boring times. :)))
I'll post today about some old funnies.

Have fun at work!



great post! Although my brain is still in a sleep haze to think of funnies.

happy hump day.

Portia said...

OMG this is a BEST EVER post, I love it! Thank you so much for sharing, every one of those stories had me laughing, especially Mr. Wet Weekly! LOL Remember that movie Christmas Story? "FRA-GEELAY - It's Italian honey!" Oh my thank you for this. Mine is super immature but I'll share anyway. The word "DUTY" has made me laugh in the silliest way my whole life. My husband and I share this one and exchange a giggle every time we hear it. I can vividly remember cracking up at a fireman when he came to talk to my second grade class about his "duties" :D

Kathy said...

You made me laugh!! I love to laugh -- when my brothers and I get together we get downright silly! It's the best time ever.
Please read my post entitled "Flying Blind." It's an older one, but you might get a giggle from it.

Cheryl said...

Darn, I don't have anything that makes me laugh everytime. Wish I did. I'll share your's, OK?

M Chickk said...

That was great! I will have to think about it a little but I know there are some things that make me bust up.

Terri said...

great uplifting laughable moments here! A "phrase" that baffles me and makes me smile is "booby trap" and of course when my husband jokingly talks about his "panties" to make the kids cringe!

Mary said...

. . and then there was the time - when I was about 8 months preg with my first baby - when I made and decorated a B'day cake for my first husband. He called and said that one of "the new guys" was coming home with him for dinner. I hurried to get the writing on the cake. (It had exoctic fruit filling.) I wrote: "An exotic happy birthday cake 4 u." Then I rushed to change into fresh clothes. The guys came in and I heard my husband laughing so I rushed to see what was so funny. I had forgotten to cross the x - the cake read "An erotic birthday cake 4 u." The poor "new guy" turned beet red, offered excuses, and hurried out.

M Chickk said...

Thanks for your words of encouragment. We got the word today that they are closing. Time to move forward!

SOUL: said...


it's friday. and that means somethin to you again.

have a good one-

Brad said...

There's something about siblings and humor. No one can make me laugh (or laughs so much at my jokes) as my sister.

Thanks for the laughs!