Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesday..Monday, what day is this?

September already. Yes, I know that it has been for eight days now, but it has only been this weekend that it began to feel like the fall. The weather here has been awesome and I love, love, LOVE this time of year. Not that I got out much to feel how great it is..I spent most of this past long weekend inside, packing. And my body (BACK) knows it. Had you asked me yesterday if I was happy and excited to be moving, I would have broke down and cried and said no. However, that was only exhaustion and pain talking..I honestly am very excited to be doing this, but sad, too. Moving is such physical labor, and it has only been Mark and I doing it all, not that it should be anyone else, although I had hoped for a bit of help. But, I know this is my doing, something that I want, and those that I had hoped for help from don't get it. Walking this morning is difficult and leaves me wondering how I am going to make it through it, but I always do. I have most things packed and I hate living with boxes all around, I cannot stand the mess. But I had no choice but to do it on the weekend, there is no way I can work all day and then come home and tackle all of this. I will survive. Just a few more days and I can make sense of my life again..and for that, I am ready. Later friends, I'm out.


SOUL: said...

sounds like the worst is over??
you can unpack as slow as you want or need to. i know that sucks too, i still have tons left to do here, but i can and am going at my own pace. and that's ok.
and just think-- you get to be by yourself-- with nobody trailing behind you with their messes.... you'll be all done in no time.
just take it easy and remember--
slow and steady wins the race :))


Cheryl said...

You got so much done! It would have been so much better to have a household of help, but...
I can't wait to hear that you're in your new place and everything's just how you like it. You'll be writing that soon.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh I can't WAIT to see pics of the new place. And don't forget the balcony either. I sure do hope you're having big strong men do the furniture. I'm not a fussy person, but I hate stuff in boxes too...where you're not quite sure where anything is. Sleep well, dear friend...perhaps you'll have some sweet dreams. Hugs and love, Charlotte.

Lynx217 said...

OMG I've been here nearly 3 YEARS and I'm still not fully unpacked. Most of my bf's stuff that he was supposed to go through then is still boxed up in a corner of the bedroom. Luckily we have a decent-sized bedroom, but still, we need the space. My jeans are tired of being in boxes, and I need a dresser BAD! Hope you find your way through the unpacking, but not too fast, so as not to wear yourself out completely!