Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A disaster on wheels

Yesterday, I was a traveling train wreck. No matter what I did, I screwed it up, fouled it up, broke it, or completely annihilated it. I was beyond exhausted, too tired almost to get up to my apartment at the end of the day, (in the elevator) for heavens sake. My back is on fire, right along with my legs. I was unable to accomplish anything last evening, if you don't count drinking a couple of mich ultra's and eating not very good chinese food. Then off to bed for me...

I am having a rough go of living among the boxes. There isn't enough room in this apartment to empty out every space and put it in boxes and then try and maneuver around them. These next three days can't pass quickly enough. The new apartment is even smaller, so I will have to get the boxes unpacked and things put away quickly, before I lose what's left of my mind.

Let's hope that today is better for me. My performance at work yesterday was almost embarrassing, I just couldn't function. I spent all day either screwing it up, or trying to fix what I had already broken.

Leases signed and returned--check.
Deposit on Mark's apartment paid--check.
Furniture for mark paid for and brought to new place--check.
Electric company called and services moved--check.
Direct Tv called and appointment for new services scheduled--check.
Moving company scheduled--check.

What else?

I'm out. :)


Smocha said...

change of address card? LOL even if you change your mail I bet they'll never give each of you the right mail.

Sorry about your "curse day" :)

Living among boxes ...ugh. I know right.Can't wait to see pics of the new digs!

Happy Humpday!

SOUL: said...

here's to a much better day for you-- all the way around.

or would that be a 'mich' better day and another round??

just have a good one-- or make the best of whatchya get.


Cheryl said...

Soon this will be a memory. When you're in your fabulous new apartment, after everything is just where you want it, you'll be happy.

One day at a time!


Here's to a good day tomorrow (raising a pretend mug of beer to you)

and now, going to go get one myself---and officially toast this shitty day off the shelves for you..

happy thursday, right?