Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Enough already

To the checker at Walmart----

Learn to speak English or get a job in Mexico. I am not being politically incorrect here, I swear I am not, but if you are going to work with the public in this country, I would think that being able to speak our language is a good idea, you know?

To the woman that drives the Red Ford Mustang each and every morning at the same place and time that I drive my Chrysler----

Get your big ass over. Merging means I cross the line in your direction, and you move the hell over, get it? I don't care that your car is big and bad and tough. I don't care if you are. Just move it.

To the facebook person that wants to be my friend----

I don't know you. NO.

To the woman on the phone that wants yet another copy of the invoice that you won't pay---

I said no. I have sent the same one to you THREE times. I am not falling for your ploy any longer, if you can't pay then let's figure something out. Otherwise I WILL turn you over to collection.

To the woman in my life that is a snarky b***h----

I have had it with you. The gloves are now on.

Happy Hump Day. :)


LL Cool Joe said...

Ha ha, your list made me laugh! You sound as stroppy as me!

Thanks for visiting my blog, I will now have a read of some of your posts. :)

Cheryl said...

Thanks for putting a big smile on my face this morning. This is a great vent!! I love someone who knows how to tell it like it is :))

Anonymous said...

Some very good points there Jamie! I know what u mean by those random FB requests.... Do I know you???? Annoying! Made me laugh and made my day!

desert dirt diva said...

you getem tiger...and sign in on my fb my name is :vicki gale-edmondson.

Moohaa said...

You go woman!!

I ignore so many fb people. Especially friends teenage daughters who friend me. Come on! What do I have in common with a 13 year old girl? I really try to keep my fb friends to those I have actual relationship with.

As for the walmart employee.. don't get me started.


Leann said...

The the Walmart go Gerrllfffriend!! I get so tired of that.

As for the gloves....don't you mean they are off? Just checkin' :-)

Have a great Friday sweetie. I hope the big ass chrysler has a flat tire. *gasp* Did I say that? *snicker*

Jamie said...

Leann---the glove thing has bugged me since I wrote it..

How can they be off if they aren't on? teehee

I was referring to the boxing gloves, but wonder what kind of gloves the correct way is referring to?


abbagirl74 said...

you. go. girl.