Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hobbling, things won't fit and you can't eat if you have fat thighs.

I have been down for the count again, well mostly down, with my back, that is. I woke up yesterday and couldn't walk once again, only if I lean to one side and sort of slide my right leg along. I didn't go to work although I think I could have, being home didn't help it one bit. I laid on the heat pad literally all day long, but this morning it is no better. I am going to work today, the people I work with will just have to get used to watching me walk this way, like they all did in the last place. I get really mad when this happens, I did nothing to make it this way, however I did walk on Sunday, at least a couple of miles, but I felt fine when doing that. I get really mad when this happens, (didn't I already say that?) although I realize that does no good. I suppose I am going to have to go ahead and see the surgeon, I can't keep missing work and hurting this way. You know, I just want to live my little life, I don't ask for alot. I am not out doing stupid stuff to hurt me, I love to walk early in the mornings, and I need to do it---it's about the only exercise I ever get. The dr's have all told me to swim and I guess I am going to have to go ahead and join the gym down the street that has the pool, but to be honest, I dread putting this old body in a suit for all the world to see...ugh.

On a brighter note, I did find chairs for my table and they look great. They aren't the most user-friendly though. If you have fat thighs, eating here will be a problem, apparently this stupid attached table is lower than standard height. These chairs are the standard twenty-four inches and it's a tight fit, and I have skinny legs...

Mark came over and helped me move around the living room once again, part of my back/neck problem is that I sit on the lounge chair and watch tv while turning my head and body quite a ways...this furniture just doesn't work with the room. Now, it's perfectly comfortable but looks like the whole room is sitting in storage, it's all shoved together in an un-natural arrangement. So, the only answer is getting new furniture and soon. I will take this coming month's bonus check and buy new, and Mark will get to deal with this stupid three thousand dollar sectional that he loved but thought that buying originally was not the smartest move ever..."are you sure that you want to buy a set this large?" Ummm...here you go Mark. YOU deal with the damned thing....I'm sorry, who knew we would move?

On the weekend, there was a huge LIGHT UP THE NIGHT walk, for the leukemia-lymphoma society. It was a huge affair, and it was just below my balcony. It was pretty neat to see and I took pics.

I hope all is great in your Tuesday world's today. I am off to hobble into my day. Later. :)


superjanel said...

If the sofa doesn't fit in your place, it really isn't going to fit in Mark's place, unless he gets rid of the bed and the entertainment center. When do you want to go sofa shopping? Brodie wants to go too - he says anything new needs to meet his specifications. :D

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh and that's such a beautiful couch too! Have you considered keeping just the part along the one wall and give Mark the other part of it...the chaise part. The selection of couches out there leaves a lot to be desired...I've been looking for a decent sectional for a couple years now that doesn't cost a year's pay. I'm sorry about your back. I've found that it doesn't take much to piss it off...just turning a certain way can do it. Feel better soon!!

Lena said...

Hope you feel better soon. I never saw so many balloons at an event!

Cheryl said...

I feel so bad for the pain you're in. I remember how bad it was before. Please go to the doctor's like you said and see what can be done.

Val had an good idea with breaking up the sectional. Could that work, or is it just too uncomfortable?

desert dirt diva said...

lena since when did lena use her name?????anyways..sorry to hear your in such pain, my oldest just had back surgery not to long ago, but i no your problem is not that easy to fix.. big hugs my friend..p.s. i just was able to sign on...thats why i have not been around

Leann said...

Note to self...no dining at your place. I have fat thighs. And well, it's kinda spread around ya know :-)

I'm so sorry your back is bothering you. I truly hope that a permanent solution is suggested that will end that dilema. I can see you limping around the office like the hunchback. Sorry, it was my first visual :-) *hugz*

How fun that the party was right outside your place! I'm assuming you didn't join in the fun because you could not walk? Slacker :-)

Oh...swimming....you'd be surprised at what lurks out there in swimsuits. Believe me when I tell you that you'll be the least person of gawking.

Enjoy your day my dear.

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