Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday stuff

It's almost official...I won't know for sure until tomorrow, but I think I am moving in a couple of weeks. I keep looking at that apartment and stressing over it, and it just won't go away, so I assume it's the right thing for me. Unless of course, the building management doesn't agree, in which case I will stay where I am and be perfectly happy. Apparently, their needs to be extenuating circumstances to move from one apartment to another and I won't know until late Monday if my circumstances are extenuating enough. Either way, I'm good. If I do move, Mark and I will be living just a couple of doors apart which makes my kids shake their heads in disbelief, but whatever. No one ever said I have understood all their choices, either. Perhaps I am being stupid, but I am doing it for the right reasons, for the first time in my life, it's because that's the way I want it. :)

I have been busy this weekend, but doing what I can't really say. I didn't exactly give this place the white-glove treatment yesterday, I just wasn't in the mood. Janelle and Nick and Brodie came over and I enjoyed having them, although I carried Brodie around quite a bit and am paying for it in my back this morning. I am planning on going out to walk in just a few minutes, I hope I can walk out the pain. Brodie is of course, so very amazing. I love watching the changes that are taking place in him...every week, there is something new that he has figured out. His smiles seriously light up my entire world, and I find myself being a complete goon, for just one more. I am certain he thinks his grandma is a total lunatic.

I have added music to my site, I hope that you all don't find it too annoying, but I have had fun this morning finding the few selections that I put here. I have alot of work to do on my list, but it's fun. If you hate it, just turn it down.

Hope your day is awesome. I expect mine to be. Later.


SOUL: said...

you sound good today--
well, cept for the back. i hope you were able to get that feelin better.

brodie does sound amazing. i think of him and his mamma alot-- they are both amazing. really.

i'm so happy for all of you that he is so healthy and beautiful. i love to look at his pictures. i wish you'd put a little video up with him laugh on it. the little laughs at that age... wow. been a long time, but i remember my heart just bustin open when patrick would laugh.

ok. enough of that.

good luck with the apartment-- i forgot to ask before-- is it # 333 ??

anyhow-- hope you have a good rest of the day-- and a good week ahead-

ac said...

Hope you get the appt. Brodie is amazing! Give mom and baby a hug form me, ok?

I got stuck in here listening to the tunes. lol

oh... FYI....

ac haz past on your list of songs. She once played chess with Bobbie Darin. Beat him too! ha! :--)