Tuesday, September 01, 2009


The first of the month...holy cow ---- the days just fly by. I will be crazy busy at work for the next couple of days - the first of the month is always tricky, and headache inducing....

I have exciting news - I move into my brand new apartment on the twelfth! It is not only brand new to me, it is brand new as in no one has ever lived in it before. It is my dream place, made for me. Unfortunately, it was not made for my massive furniture, as it is a small space..but seems bigger with the two story windows and light. I will have to make do with the furniture I just spent a fortune on less than a year ago, and it will be okay. I cannot wait to get moved in, but I have so much to do here before that happens. The location is so wonderful, the balcony is perfect. I am giving up my fireplace, and that makes me sad, but I will adjust. I sound like a little kid - but I have never ever had a place that was just for me. I can control the mood of my place, something I have never been able to accomplish anywhere else. My kitties just don't get too moody, and we do not argue. That part, I am looking forward to most of all. Oh - and as an added bonus--I will save a hundred dollars a month by living there! Who could ask for more?

Happy Tuesday everyone. :)


Smocha said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see pictures!!!

Big furniture in small rooms is the new black. Didn't you know?

Happy Tuesday:)

Moohaa said...

Woohoo! You sound so excited! What great news. I have had one place that was all my own and though it was small and ugly I loved every minute of being there. Cuz it was MINE!

Enjoy it friend! Oh and those two story windows sound dreamy, care to share some pictures??

SOUL: said...

i lived in places by myself a few times...always loved it. until a host of gypsys would come barging in and get me kicked out, or demand i let them stay in a place made for one--
once a place made for one has had ten and six animals in it-- if you haven't been kicked out-- it's so tainted, ya just can't stand it anymore. so yep-- i'd move .

anyhow. enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!!!
do the happy dance til ya pee your pants! and show us pix...

a new place and a raise-- i'm happy for you--

Brad said...

Who could ask for more?


Pictures pls!


Cheryl said...

I'm reading this in reverse order. Not only will you be saving money every month, but you'll be earning more. Win, win. And it's all yours. You'll be the only occupant right from the start, right? Brad is right though...pictures are needed. I'd love the light there too. My house is filled with it and it's my favorite feature. I'm so excited for you.