Friday, August 28, 2009

Ob la di, ob la da, life goes on

Finally Friday---yea, for blue jeans and tee-shirts on Friday!

If I didn't have to get "appropriately dressed" each morning, I would love my job oh so much more.

It's been a quiet, slow week. Good news finally on the Ice Cream Store, the deal should close the first of next week - it's about time, this has been a long, ridiculously drawn out process.

I have walked twice this week - only for twenty five minutes, but that is a beginning. I am not sure if that is why my lower back is killing me this morning, it seems that no matter what I do, physical activity of any kind ends up there. I plan on walking both Saturday and Sunday, and beyond that, I have no other plans for the weekend. I love weekends with no plans.

Once the financial details of the ICS are settled, Mark is moving. He has a place already chosen, he just needs to get it done. I am so ready...and I don't mean that the way it sounds. I absolutely NEED some time alone.

I am considering a second job, although I worry about my ability to stay on my feet that many hours each day. It seems that anytime I try anything like that, I end up unable to do anything at all, like work at my first job. But I am worried about my finances, worried about the holidays that are fast approaching. I had the money issues all worked out but somehow things have not gone as planned. I have ended up paying ALL expenses here, for both Mark and I, and that was not part of the original plan. He was supposed to be splitting it with me...and frankly, I cannot wait to take care of only ME. Just me. I look forward to the challenge of handling nothing but my own issues, financially and otherwise. Good heavens, I am tired of working for no gain. Part of that has been my fault in the past, but lately it has not been---I am too old to be in this position, and if I think about it long enough I will cry, so moving on now.

I have not gotten to see my Brodie all week, and have no plans to see him on the weekend. :( In fact, I haven't even talked to my daughter all week long, when her significant other is home, I never hear from her. Unless they are about to kill each other, and if I think about that too long I will cry, so moving on here, too.

So, I could ramble on here about the weather, the fact that I have no life and am forced to talk about what a strange summer season this has been, rainy, cool, so odd...but now I am boring even me.

Happy Friday. :)


Smocha said...

Let's all have a nice cry and then have ourselves a fabulous weekend, shall we? :)

Hang in there

((( hugs)))

Cheryl said...

Sometimes I read over my blog posts and bore myself too :)

I didn't know you still had the ICS. I didn't realize Mark was still in the apartment. Things will be so much better when those ends are tied up. My ex lived here for many months after we split up. I hated coming home to his unhappy face. We never fought, but the tension I felt was unbearable. I much prefer coming home to my house, alone.

I have plans for the weekend, but I like the kind when there's nothing on the agenda. Hope yours is good. Enjoy your walks.