Monday, April 06, 2009

Stop the world and let me off

Damned if it isn't Monday once again. How does this happen? Have you ever wanted time to stop for awhile? I mean, on a Saturday, when the weather is beautiful, when the trees and flowers are in bloom, time would just stop for a couple of days?I wouldn't be sad to live in an extended Saturday for awhile. I have felt this way other times in my life, but usually when I was so ecstatically happy that I didn't want it to end. Now - and I suppose because I am getting older - it would be okay if time would stop when things are quiet, I am alone, when there is no problem chatter in my head. Funny how things become so much calmer with age, that the things we want are so different. So, yes here it is Monday again, and that's okay.

It was a good weekend, quiet, just the way I like it. I went to see my sis on Saturday, I was disturbed by how bad she looked, hopefully that will improve soon. She has surgery today, to remove her spinal stimulator battery box and to clean out the area. About two weeks ago, she had to have the battery replaced in that box and that is how the area became infected in the first place. I will see her after work today, if I can still walk.

I started the medication over the weekend, it makes me tired and it causes some strange electrical feeling in my head. I have taken it before but don't remember this feeling. I am only on 25% of the amount needed to help me, I have to increase gradually. It's hard to imagine that I will be able to tolerate the full dose, but I am willing to try anything, as yesterday was a particularly bad day, just walking across my apartment was a problem. This morning I feel no stronger and I am wondering how I will make it through the day.

It snowed all day long yesterday and the wind was howling all weekend. However, this morning there is only a dusting of the white stuff on the grassy areas. I am hoping that was winter's last hurrah. Have a good day. I'm out.


Kathy said...

I'm looking for that time switch, too!
Raining here today, but in the 50's. Can't believe you had snow yesterday!
You and your sister feel better!

SOUL: said...

meds suck. that electrical feeling now has a name-- it didn't when i had it years ago-- people just thought i was imagining it.
it's called "brain shivers"-- it's even on google. it could be because it is a lower dose-- or maybe if you skipped a dose or two-- that is when it usually happens.

anyhow-- little doctah soul info for your monday ---

i just came by to say hi and see how you were.

hope your sis pulls through everything ok-- feeling and looking better.

and i hope you have a feel good, happy day in your world .


Cheryl said...

Best wishes for you and your sister. Her's sounds yucky, but hopefully just needs to heal. Maybe Soul is right in her diagnoses. She unfortunately has experience. Dr. Soul. Can you call your doc to see if your symptoms are normal?

We had a beautiful day yesterday but it's pouring now. Boo hoo. I had hoped to go downtown to see the cherry blossoms. No way now.

M Chickk said...

We had a really nice day here yesterday. Sat out in the yard while Hubby cleaned off the deck. I hope your snow goes away and you feel better when you get used to your new medication. Brain shivers doesn't sound like fun at all!

josie2shoes said...

I can so relate to the "stop the world" idea, Jamie. More and more as I get older what I wish for is one week, or even one day where there isn't something I should be doing - time to just relax and play without a list of 100 things to do running in the back of my mind. I am so glad that you now at least have weekends for a break, but I wish you felt so much better. Will keep praying on that. As for the snow, it has to end some time, doesn't it? :-)

Just Be Real said...

Is it Monday???? Ha!
Liza, glad the weekend was pretty good for you. I do pray for strength for you as you take these new meds and hope you will be able to endure the full dose! Sorry your sister is not up to par as you would like, but hopefully will improve after the operation.
Take it easy, if you can......blessings!

ambersun said...

Hi again

Hope you and your sister feel better soon.

I feel terrible - I have to find somewhere else to live in a couple of months - that's stressful for me.

I know the feeling when you want time to stop. For me, happiness is so fleeting I want it to go on and on.