Sunday, April 05, 2009


Accept. Except. Past. Passed.Affect. Effect.

Breaks. Brakes. Male. Mail. Deer. Dear.

Seen. Scene. Sense. Scents.Cents.

Aisle. Isle. Ewe.You.Here.Hear.


And why is four spelled with a U? And forty is not. Forty-four.

I once had a boyfriend, many years ago, that could not spell. I didn't know it until he wrote me a love letter and left it in my door. It was pathetic....the spelling was sad. And that was the beginning of the end for me...

But it's no wonder when you look at these words...and they are the easy ones. How on earth can anyone explain the spelling in the English language?


Summer said...

The Baby can't spell. Part of his learning disability. Unfortunately this problem makes you look stupid when you're not. On the other hand, my mother's last boss, a big cheese at CIA, smart as they come, couldn't spell. What's up with that?

SOUL: said...

i can't spell either--and many of those words you listed are the ones i have trouble with. i don't even care anymore.

i can't type either-- but you know that already.

what's up in your world today?
how ya feelin?

hope your day is a good one.

abbagirl74 said...

Hmmm, I can't STAND it when people can't spell. But, I have to get past that. lol.... I have to laugh because it really is one of my pet peeves. Oh, and Josh can't spell worth a shi-rt.

Kathy said...

Yes -- there it is! Having taught English for as long as I have and having studied language history I continue to be enthralled with our idiosyncratic language.
(Do you know the one word in our language that changes pronunciation because it is capitalized?) Think about it.
Also, I know what you mean about the spelling. It used to be a tie breaker for me as well. I learned, however, that spelling has NOTHING to do with innate intelligence. Some of us know how to spell and some don't and many who don't have extremely high IQ's.

Just Be Real said...

I used to be a terrible speller. Past tense used to be. Now I am pretty good. Not just the difference in some of those words, but their meanings, a lot of people cannot get right. Thanks for sharing!


I am guilty of mixing the words and using them wrong:
their they're there
then than
except accept

i web ewe. :)

josie2shoes said...

I loved this post Jamie! Yup, our language is soo confusing, imagine trying to learn it as a second language! I tend to make up my own spelling and grammar rules. Spellcheck confirms this as it highlights lots of things that seem perfectly ok to me! :-)

desert dirt diva said...

i can't spell hell i don't even write proper... but thats friends all love me....and i love you.......HUGS

ambersun said...


I used to be an English teacher and I had a boyfriend who tried to write me poetry. He spelt 'beautiful' as 'beautifull' because it should mean 'full of beauty'.

Maybe that's logical but...

Anyway I am gradually getting less pedantic.


superjanel said...

I'm still trying to figure out the word that changes pronounciation when capitalized... ???

Anonymous said...

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