Friday, March 20, 2009

Save me

Hang on friends...this post is sure to be all over the map. My mind is on a million different things and sometimes you just have to let it all out.

It's Friday, and that makes me happy. I don't have to go to the dreaded j-o-b for two whole days. Sadly, I really like the work. Beyond that..the people are truly not my cup of tea. Mostly the women - woman- in the office. Yes, they are my employees, but I am telling you---there is no way I can get rid of a lifer in the office. I have no clue what her issue is, other than just pure assholiness. It is difficult enough for me to be stuck in an office with any other person, even if it were the most compatible person on this earth..too much togetherness makes me want to hide. In this case...ugh---I am not sure how long I can take it. She is petty and spiteful and oh-so-sweet when necessary. I thought I had the problem handled but I was wrong. I can see the writing on the wall here, and although I have no choice in this matter, it won't be long until I am searching for quieter (greener) pastures. I have dealt with this problem directly, in typical ME fashion, beyond that, I have no idea what to do. Save me.

Do any of you get tired of dealing with the same old issues, the same old problems, the same old people, day after day? Am I the only one on this planet that will say the same words to the same person perhaps 5000 times? Then, on the expected 5001(th) (LOL), I just say---"well I guess I don't blame you. Yes, you are absolutely correct. Yes, I am sure that's right. Yes, yes, yes, YES." Because no matter what, what I am saying is of no use, no importance, not being heard. And why would I continue to beat myself and the other person up? I sincerely believe that if a person has a problem and wants to talk to me about it, and that person and myself do not agree about what to do about that problem, and that person continues to talk about it, continues to wallow in it, then it isn't really a problem, but a way of life for that person. Am I wrong? I know this may be hard to follow and I apologize for that. But the world is full of folks that like to talk about their issues. And complain. But those very people will do nothing to make the outcome any different, because complaining is NOT going to change it. And apparently, they don't want to change it, they just want to talk about it. Save me.

I have had a rough week, physically. It has literally been all that I can do to make it to work and then back home. There are things that have needed I am completely out of coffee filters, officially, and I have just not been able to make it. I have to get to the grocery store this evening...I have some serious concerns about why my legs are hurting so bad and are so weak and I know I need to see my doctor, but I already know there will be no help or no answers. I was told when I had the surgery on my neck that the neuropathy/myelopathy would or could return for any reason at any time. Yes, there are medications to help the pain, but not the weakness. Yes, I need to get back on one of them, but I have resisted because I could handle it up until now. Apparently, I can no longer. I have an appointment with my neuro in May -- the 20th. That is a long time to wait, but it will give me, the ultimate pollyanna where this subject is concerned, time to miraculously improve. Save me.

And now I am off---to see the wizard? My rocker? In lala land? To the salt mines?

Yes to all of the above. Save me. :)


Cheryl said...

At least it's Friday. You'll get through the day. You make me love my job more. I deal one-on-one with people who really like me. My co-workers are in the periphery and they're friendly.

Your health issues scare me and May is a long time to wait for an appointment.

With the 'other thing', can you just say, 'I feel for you and am sorry you're going through this. Can we talk about something else?' And as I write that I'm thinking, yeah, right.

Get some food and have a relaxing weekend. Don't take care of anyone, and that's an order.

Mary said...

Issues with employees can be the worst. My mother had a stock comment that she used with folks when issues arose. "You can say that if you want." My way of dealing with pissy attitudes is to do what I think is reasonable to solve the problem. Failing that, a blank stare and no comment always worked pretty well for me.

Summer said...

I hope you can get some relief from your pain. It's hard to remember what feeling good is like when you hurt all the time. And those people... I told one in my life that just kept going on and on.. "Do you ever listen to yourself or do you just talk?" I think I annoyed her. Yeah. Pretty sure.

SOUL: said...

hoping you have a feel good day.

Portia said...

That makes perfect sense, not hard to follow at all. No matter how daunting the action may seem, there's only so much discussion ever needed. I have a friend who I said the same thing to for years. I finally realized (for whatever reason) she wasn't looking to actually DO what she was always saying she wanted to do. Now I just listen to her. I know it's harder the closer you are to the person and the issues at hand.

I can't tell you how much I feel for you having to deal with this pain again, and the implications. I am holding out hope for a miraculous improvement too, and will be sure to ask for one directly!

Kathy said...

You deserve a good day. Hang in there!

fiwa said...

"And apparently, they don't want to change it, they just want to talk about it. Save me."

Amen - you have just described my sister. She drives me NUTS doing that.

Fire the bad attitude lady at work! I know you probably can't do that, but we can fantasize, right?!

I'm sorry you're feeling so poorly - May seems like a long time to wait.

Is it time for a margarita yet?!

Smocha said...

TGIF Baby! Haope your day was a-ok:)


Happy Friday although not with that foul employee. :(

I know what you mean when you say people that come to you asking you for advice, yet they don't take the advice, they counter with the reason why it's not going to work, or when you do just follow along with them and agree, they continue to talk about the same issue constantly like a broken record. I think perhaps because for some, the more we verbalize the problem, the more we talk to the person that we trust the most about problems, it's almost like talk therapy. You're their mirror and eventually, hopefully after they speak enough times about the issue, eventually they'll connect the dots and no matter, they'll always trust you.

Trust these days is so easily broken, it's hard to be around people that don't take our advice, but then again, at least there are people that trust us enough to talk to us, listen to us, and not take the advice..because they feel most themselves when they're talking to you.

but such as life. :)

Happy salt mines..pass the pepper and hard boiled egg. :)

I'm saving you with a number 3.
Just be okay..nothing more nothing less.
:) hugs

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh kiddo....I hope you can relax tonight...have a drink or two and unwind those tightly curled up and frayed nerves. And "attitude lady"?...well next time she starts bugging you, just imagine her with toilet paper stuck on her shoe. It may make you laugh, which totally throws em off guard. LOLOLOLOL
Have a good one, dear friend. Hugs.

M Chickk said...

Wow, that has got to be SO frustrating. I hope you don't have to look for another job over this woman. Take the next two days to revive yourself. Hugs!

desert dirt diva said...

dang can't believe i wrote a comment then closed the box before i posted it....

o.k. once again folks....

sorry to hear about your co-worker....just take the phone off the hook, or not your daughter might call with i'm in labor news.....and relax....if you can...

is that whip cream your cat is sucking down in the post below this..

ac said...

I'm sorry to hear your pain is returning. I'm also sorry you have to listen to people who blab and don't do anything to change things. I have a thing I say when I find myself listening to someone who is stuck in the same BS.

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."

That's all I say.... and I don't elaborate.

That usually shuts them up. They can't be mad at me either because I really was trying to be helpful. Ha!

I would save you if I could Jamie, you know that. Hugs! ac

Brad said...

I've goten to the point were I will only tell someone something one time. I make sure they heard it, even if they didn't really take it in and think about it. After that they can go off down their own trail. When things go bad because the choose to ignore me, it's thier problem. I've found people learn better when there's some amount of pain in it for them for not listening.

Maybe I'm not a very good employer but I'm certainly NOT a babysitter!

Hope your legs are better sweets!