Tuesday, November 11, 2008


On My Monday:

The Fire alarm in apartment building went off for more than twenty minutes. Just before seven am, when all good folks should either be sleeping or just barely awake, the damned thing started...and wouldn't fricking stop. You all know what your smoke alarms sound like in your own homes? This is that times a thousand...on steroids. It is L-O-U-D. Poor CrazyDog thought Armageddon had arrived. Mark spent his twenty minutes with a pillow over the damned speaker..and it is HIGH up on the wall, so there he was with a pillow between him and the wall, standing on a bar stool...just to keep the dog and cats from jumping off the balcony. No, their was no fire, but the fire department send three trucks anyway. It was about 20 degrees outside, so I was trying to determine which was the lesser of two evils...the crazy-making noise or the cold..and I decided I was not going to leave without the animals in case their was actually a fire, so we stayed in and watched for smoke...the lights in the hallway were flashing, the alarm was building-wide so even out on the balcony, you could still go deaf...that was a great start to a Monday.

Jordy and Steph drove to Podunk where we used to live and got themselves a big old buck....right through the windshield of their cavalier. Needless to say the deer won...and his head and rack was in the car with them, briefly...Jordy said that "kinda freaks a guy out". Of course, only liability insurance was had on their old car..so now they are down to NONE, since just a few weeks ago, steph's old Mazda gave up on them...good heavens. I ended up driving to Podunk myself to pick up the kids...it was not what I was in the mood to do, it seems that all I have done recently is drive. But, it gave me a little time with my kiddos, I haven't seen much of these two recently.

On My Sunday:

This day was much better. I spent it with my sisters and most of my kids - and the dinner I made that you all asked about was chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes (of course) and broccoli and rolls and the banana pudding....again. It is my youngest sisters favorite and my mom always made it when she (Shell-my sis) was going to be around. In fact, my mom was the queen of chicken and noodles and she never did get well enough to make it for me for my birthday this year. We had a wonderful day together, and I cried, again, when everyone left. I am always amazed at the bonds that sisters have...me and mine, included. We laughed and cried and laughed some more, embarrassed Mark a time or two...and just honestly enjoyed ourselves. It was a day to remember and one I know that made Mom happy, she loved for "us girls" to get together and laugh. We decided that we need to spend a weekend or two together each year, without kids or husbands and I am going to hold them to it.

I have been so damned tired these past days, and I can't seem to shake it. I suppose it's stress as there certainly are enough things to keep me from sleeping and I haven't been. But this goes beyond sleepy, it is all the way through the bone tired. I have no idea what my problem is, but I am ready for it to go away. I haven't even walked much lately, and I feel so much better when I do.

I hope all of you are having a great week - it's hard to believe that November is here, Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away...where has this year gone? Not that I'm complaining, I am actually ready to see 2008 gone, it has been a rough one. Later friends. :)


Brad said...

What? You squandered valuable 'checking out the firemen' time? Sheesh!

Sounds like family time is just what you needed. Have a great day sweets!

Cheryl said...

This coming year WILL be so much better than one has been. It just has to be.

I can't imagine what it was like for the kids with the buck through the windshield. It's amazing that they weren't hurt. They were so lucky. But, like you said, no car. Now what?

My sisters and I have never spent time together with just the 3 of us. We'll have to do that. Your dinner must have been great. There's nothing like family.

I hope there's no bad Tuesday stories!

Kelly Jene said...

I just caught up on your posts. I loved the picture of your mom you created. She sounds like a spunky little thing.
That alarm thing would have been ripped out forcibly by me... just had to put that out there.

Have a great day!

Maria said...

I wonder if the chicken and noodles and masher thing is a prairie tradition? The first time that Bing saw it on a menu in a restaurant, she commented that it was a carb overload and "who the hell eats mashed potatoes AND noodles?"

Um... we do. Here on the prairie. And it is freakin' GOOD.

I can't believe, either, that it is nearly Thanksgiving. The good news is that we go to my sister's every year...so not a lot of baking except for Bing, who bakes a pecan pie and a pumpkin one too to bring.

SOUL: said...

see, it's not just me-- that's just plain freaky. (potatoes and noodles)
but hey-- i bet it is good. i just never had it.
sounds like you three had a really good day-- thanks for sharin it with us. i hope you do have more days like that ahead.

i'm glad the kids are ok.

hope you get good sleep tonight-

ac said...

oh my... a deer through the windshield is not a good thing. glad the kiddos are ok!
I'm with you. 2008 can bite me! xo ac

SOUL: said...

where are youuuuuu?

Anonymous said...

Good heavens...a buck through the window. Over here in Oz it's kangaroos and boy do they make a mess though not as bad as hitting a wombat. Hitting one of those little guys is like hitting a solid boulder in the middle of the road.

I'm glad you 3 girls had such a good time together. Me and my sisters are exactly the same and I am reminded that we are long overdue for some sisterly time together.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh Jamie you are so fortunate to have sisters! I am an only child and have longed for siblings all my life. I guess that's one of the biggest reasons why I get so put out with my kids....I purposely had 2 just so they would never feel alone...and they can't stand one another. Sigh...go figure!
I, too, can't believe that this year is nearly over. It hasn't been that good for us either...but I do remember that 2007 was worse....so maybe 2009 will be GREAT. LOL
Thank you for the compliments sweetie. Sure wish I lived closer!