Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday stuff

Friday again. Holy buckets...where do the days go? My week has been spent mostly in despair, the weather outside - rainy and cold, has matched the feelings inside so I have found it comforting in an odd way. I have walked miles in the rain and liked it, since no one can tell if it's rain on my face or tears, including me. But, I am tired of crying now and I only have to get through this weekend and maybe, just maybe I can get on with the positives..and I know if I search hard enough, I can find them. The weekend? I am having BOTH of my sisters here, alone, no families--theirs, I mean--and we are going to our mom's house early tomorrow to sort out her things, take what she wanted us to have and get rid of the rest. I don't look forward to it, but it has to be done, so that maybe we can all get on with our lives.

Today I have a house to clean and I believe Bill is coming to visit for a while, I talked with him yesterday and he sounded really GOOD. He will go back to Florida next week and it will be awhile before I can see him again, assuming his docs release him then.

Marks mom sent me a Willow Tree statue yesterday, Mother and Daughter, it was the most beautiful gesture and of course, I cried buckets when I got it in the mail. I can't help but wonder how she knew that when I cleaned out our house to move, I got rid of or packed away the house FULL of crap I had, but the two Willow Tree statues I owned still sit where I can see them daily. The two that I already have are from Brenda - Soul, my bestest buddy, and one from my sister, Trav. I have told everyone that loves me how much I love these things...but I don't think they hear. And it's funny that the two people in my life I talk to the most heard me...but anyway, this thing is beautiful and it means the world to me. And before you all think that Mark told his mom I love them, you all can scratch that -- I asked him yesterday if he did and he said he wasn't aware that I even like "those things". Ahh...husbands.

Other things happening in my world, can't say I'm too happy about any of them. Kids and their issues that piss me off and embarrass me...job status for myself and issues for Mark on in general pretty much blows.

Happy Friday.


SOUL: said...

finally i am first!
and happy to hear the angel is not in a box-- or at the landfill somewhere. :))

i am sorry you have to face everything you do right now-- but like you say-- or used to-- as cliche as it may be-- you know it's true
this too shall pass.

just remember you are loved by many--

i am one of those.
i'll call later

Mary said...

Aren't husbands a hoot? But what-ya-gonna-do? Ya gotta luv em.

Going through your mother's things will be hard. I'm glad you won't be doing that alone. Try to picture your mom in her new happy home watching you girls. I know she'll be smiling and probably enjoying a laugh or two.

I'll be thinking of you.

ac said...

Life does really blow sometimes, doesn't it? I have found that if I lay low, the bad stuff will almost always blow over. So that's what I do... I recommend it highly. :)

Good luck to you my little internut buddy. :)

The Real Mother Hen said...

I agree with ac. When life becomes a bitch, I hide myself under the blanket and go to sleep. When I wake up, it's another day and somehow seems better. It works everytime. Yeah, that must be magic somewhere :)

Brad said...

I wish I had some good advice for you, but I don't - You have as much life experience as me, if not more. I know it's all a big struggle right now. But I also know your a strong person.

I say we just give this whole year a big ol' rasberry and tell it to screw off - 2009 has GOT to be better. - love you - B

Cheryl said...

Holy Buckets? That's a new one to me. I'm glad to hear there's some happy in all the gloom. You got your Willow and you'll treasure it always and there's a great story behind it. And you get to see your sisters. Take a trip down memory lane with them. I hope you have laughter with your tears.


you deserve all the willow tree love you can take in..
TOmorrow will be tough, I'm glad you have your sisters to help you.

And that you have Mark's mom to talk to--someday Mark will be in your shoes and it's amazing that you'll be able to help him "fix it" someday when God says "Come home" to Marks mom.

Thinking of you!


SOUL: said...

i meant to say somethin bout the holy buckets comment too-- but i forgot-- i know that doesn't surprise you tho.

i just came by to say hello-- and let ya know you're on my mind today--
also every time i have to do this-- lionell richies awful hello song gets stuck in my head
so i will leave you with

me and julio down by the schoolyard!

love you buddy
hope today was easier than you expected.. let me know?

Summer said...

I was thinking about you and Soul a lot today. I hope you're doing ok tonight.

Brad said...

Hi ya sweets. Your making me sniffle here. Thinking of you - Sounds like your doing ok

-big hugs-