Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bad BAD girl

I am a bad, bad girl. I am a bad blogger and a bad friend. I apologize, seriously. But I just can't write these days...had it not been that I needed to update you all on Soul's condition, I wouldn't have written at all recently, and for that I really am sorry. It isn't that there aren't things happening here to write about, but for some reason, they all seem uninteresting to me, and I assume that they would have to seem that way to you all, too. However, I will give you all the monotone version of my life, which in reality is sort of the way I am living recently. No stereo, just monotone.

I am starting a new job on Tuesday, nothing that I am the least bit excited about, but it will help pay the bills until I find the THING that I want to do.

Bill had surgery on Friday, and you all wouldn't believe how good he looks and acts. There is color in his face that I have never EVER seen before and his eyes are actually sparkly. That's not too bad for a guy that just went through quad bypass open heart surgery, and he is 60 by the way, how many 60 year old men have sparkly eyes? Who knows how long he has been sick with this?

My youngest - Jordan - broke his ankle two weeks ago and cannot be on his foot at all until it heals. His employer promptly fired him. Bastards.

My middle kid-Craig- has moved to the city and has landed a new job, and I think he is actually excited about it. He won't start for another week, but he is doing well.

My oldest-Janelle- has split up with her boyfriend once again...and of course now she is pregnant. For the life of me, I cannot figure out young people anymore and this is all about to kill me. She is doing well however, and sees her specialty dr tomorrow, to find out if there is anything wrong with this baby. After her last experience, it just makes sense, although in my gut I think everything is fine, this time is completely different from the last, and she is acting like a perfectly normal, albeit emotional, pregnant woman. See, I told you she is acting normal.

Life here in the big city of Des Moines is moving along way too fast. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and then Christmas is right on the heels of the turkey...ugh. Where has the time gone? What am I doing with my life? I did do one good deed today, Mark found a cell phone in the parking area near one of the clubs that we live next to, he brought it home and I contacted it's owner...well someone contacted it's owner, when they called it and I explained that I had the phone and would keep it I met the owner of the cell phone and she was quite happy that it was okay...I know how hard it is on young people to lose their phones, I have been through it with mine, and they feel like they have lost their whole lives. So, that is one thing I feel pretty good about.

And with that...I am out. I will certainly try to do better at posting and also reading, I honestly do miss you all. Later.


Gypsy said...

Well feeling the way you do makes the fact that you updated about soul even more appreciated.

I know what you mean about writing Jamie. I've had a new blog ready to go for a while now but every time I go to write something, nothing comes. I am still posting on the Theme Park but that's not really writing.

Good Luck with the new job even though it isn't what you want and I do hope that everything goes well for Janelle. It just sounds like it's going to be one of those "off and on" kind of relationships.

Good to see you again Jamie.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Jamie its so good to hear from you! I have really missed you. Thanks for the updates on Soul.
I'm glad that you found a job...even though its not exactly what you you will help pay the bills for a while.
I haven't had much interesting in my life either lately...but I figure at my age...nothing happening is a GOOD thing. LOLOLOL
From now until the the first of the year I have been scheduled to work quite a few days. I know it will be tiring, but it will pay the property taxes on my daughter's house so we won't have to worry about forfeiture. That whole situation has aged me....BELIEVE me.
Take care and write again SOON. Big hugs and love, Charlotte

Anonymous said...

Nice rubber chicken were did u get that?

lol you should slap someone with it


you have quite a bit going on, it's no wonder you're not're living it and who wants to see it as you type it..

monotone is a good long as it's in High definition! :)

You're a good mom and you'll make a wonderful Grandma (or do you want to be known as a nana, mama, mamo, bubbe?)


Cheryl said...

You have nothing at all to apologize for. I'll just be happy whenever you write. Don't feel too much pressure, but don't disappear, OK?

Great news about Bill! Bad news about Jordon. Good about Craig and as for Janelle, she's probably better off alone, and it seems like she wanted to be pregnant? I don't know. I hope for a healthy baby for her.

I hope your 'filler' job is better than you think it will be. Tolerable, till life gets a little bit back to normal and you can start the job search again.

M Chickk said...

Good luck with your new job! You never know, it might turn out to be okay.

Saying a prayer for your daughter. I hope everything is okay.

Brad said...

Don't be so hard on yourself - We love ya and will take what ever you want to post.

fiwa said...

You have not been a bad girl - puhlease. This is not an obligation, ok?

Maybe in the perverse way of things, this job that you aren't excited about will turn out well? Who knows.

I'm glad your friend Bill is doing well - you are probably right, he must have been feeling bad for a long time.

Sorry about Jordon - I've broken my ankle before, it's hard to get back on your feet.

And good luck to Janelle.

Love and hugs to you -

Kelly Jene said...

Big hugs to you. You have so much going on, you don't have time to blog! Thanks for the update though. I'm happy for Janelle, and will be praying for her and baby.

I love you!

Amanda said...

Thank you for the update, and while I realize these are less than perfect circumstances, I am glad for Janelle!

I hope it will give her the strength to do what needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

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