Thursday, October 23, 2008

**Soul Update**

I got to speak with Soul yesterday, but only for a short while. I was supposed to call her back, when I returned home to do that, I had unexpected company, and later I was afraid to call, as she can only speak when she had just had pain medication. She tells me this pain is as bad as any labor, so all us gals know what that is like, no wonder she can't talk when she's hurting. I have to admit, she sounds terrible. But the dr's tell her that she is doing well, although her admitting dr has called in a pulmonologist...(duh). So, I will talk to her today and let you all know what's up with that, okay? Later.


Portia said...

thanks for the update

hugs + prayers

fiwa said...

Thanks for the updates Jamie.


Golden To Silver Val said...

Thanks, Jamie, for the updates. We are all praying and I know she'll be healed up and ready to go fishin' shortly.
And Jamie....I've missed you so much. How are YOU doing? Please take a couple minutes and let us know that everything is ok with you.
Big hugs and love....Charlotte

Mary said...

Jamie, thank you for the updates. I know Soul and her family are ready for things to take a turn for the better. She and her family are in my prayers.

I know you've also been trough some recent rough times and are probably still doing so. I've thought of you many, many times while you've been gone and pictured you relaxed and happy.

Harry and I go to Montgomery, AL tomorrow afternoon and will be home late Saturday night. I may not be able to post but I will be able to read blogs.

Please tell Soul that we're thinking of her and that we love our friend very much.

Gypsy said...

Like everyone else I've really missed you too Jamie and I so appreciate you keeping us updated about Soul. I hope you and your family are doing much better while you've taken a break and please give all my love to Soul. Big hugs to you too. xxx

Cheryl said...

I came here looking for an update. I can't imagine that kind of pain in your chest. I'm glad she's being taken care of. I hope her family is with her there. Every patient really needs their own advocate.

I'm so glad you're back!

desert dirt diva said...

yes jamie thanks for keeping us informed...and how are YOU doing? and your mom?

Amanda said...

I hope her pain subsides soon! :(

bonnie said...

damn. How do you get a blod clot out of your lung? Poor Soul, she's lives so hard and she is such a love. You are a wonderful friend and I appreciate your updates on her behalf.
Thanks Jamie.
xoxo, Bon


awful for soul!!

But glad she has her bestest friend where the corn don't end! :)

Smiling at you!

ac said...

I've been out of touch... no computer and traveling. I didn't know about Soul until today.. oct 29th. I so hope she is doing well!