Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend list of to-do's

I only have time for a short post this morning, so much to do, so little time. I am soon headed out for yet another walk, but it is helping to keep me sane and any sanity at all is a good thing.

CrazyDog has a uti - even though we just had her checked for one three weeks ago. Hmmm...we'll see if that's really the problem.

My youngest lost his wallet, right after I had given him a check of course, so I have to call the bank today and stop payment. Ugh. He is JUST like his dad, who could lose anything...anywhere, and did all the time. So, no DL, SS card...debit cards...good heavens.

Out house in southern Iowa has a very wet basement, which is not unusual when it rains really badly...more than eight inches of rain there on Thursday night. More on the way tomorrow.

My sis...Trav, is coming to visit on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to it. She'll be here until next Saturday. She has been through a lot this past week, the storm that went through the Quad Cities last Monday morning took out all/most of the power in the whole city of Moline, and then she sent me pics of the damage at her house...I'll try and post them at the end of this was unreal. It looked like a war zone. Their power is back on, but it took more than four days. All of the hospitals had been operating on generators...all the stores closed...what a nightmare. Anyway, it's getting better now.

I slept more than eight hours last night - a record for me, and it felt pretty good.

I'm off. To walk then clean this place and then to the dreaded grocery store, but the kitties need food, you know. Have a great weekend. :)

(I'm sorry these pics are so small, but you get the idea....)


SOUL: said...

ahh.. you put this up today-- phew-- thought i missed another one somehow.
man. don't do that to me. :))

that's travs house?? wow.
i hope that dang weather moves on outta there soon. (not south tho-- just not this way k_) but yep , y'all have surely had enough of it.

i'm glad trav is comin to visit. you must be happy that she is so much closer and able to visit often. i'm sure that's good for both of you. i hope it helps lift your spirits some.

if not... i may have to suck it up and drive out there to kick your ass. :))


Cheryl said...

I'm glad there was some good news in there! Sister visiting and sleep. Plus, you're walking! That's really great. The storms out your way are really bad! We had a storm blow through today with hail...unusual, but no damage.

fiwa said...

wow, poor Trav. I hope any damage was covered by her insurance?