Friday, July 25, 2008


My computer is acting up, I think it may be tired, like me.

We went out for Mark's birthday, got in about eleven, I think I had a way better time than he did.

CrazyDog has to go all the way back to our old town to the vet this morning. She is having major of which in not knowing when she has to pee, and that's becoming a huge problem. We have been forced to get her doggy diapers and seeing them on her really breaks my heart. There is a medication that the vet will probably put her on, he wants to run a couple of tests first. She's getting so old, and watching her deteriorate is going to be hard. Physically, she seems fine, but I honestly believe she has Alzheimer's or whatever dogs get.

I went for a really long walk in the rain yesterday, that really helped my mood. I have been walking quite a lot, in spite of the pain. Mentally, it helps - physically, not so much. I think I am going to try and hit the trail again in a bit...I like walking early, before it gets too hot.

I'm having a little trouble managing my time, it's been awhile since I have had to worry about it. It isn't like I don't know what to do, so now...I just need to do it.

To answer a couple of questions in the comments from my last post...

Cheryl----Yes, I can take my Insurance License to another agency. And I just may...although I suspect that most of them are the same. I have my updated resume on all the job boards and I have had a gazillion contacts. My biggest issue, other than the obvious one that I have written about, is that I am pretty sure that I am not going to qualify health-wise for my own insurance. There are a couple of agencies that carry group policies, and that may be where I have to go.

Smocha---Yes, I did rob the cradle a little bit - I am five years older than Mark. Most of the time however, he acts 20 years older than me. I'm not sure if I am too juvenile or if he suffers from premature aging...

Happy Friday everyone!



superjanel said...

FIRST! (woohoo!)

you sound better today. i hope that's the case, even just a little bit. i'm not sure what's going on but things are going to get better, momma. they have to.

i'm glad you and mark went out last night. :)

poor chum. i don't like to think about anything like that, but hopefully the vet can help a little bit.

i love you.

Brad said...

From one cradle robber to another, I think you did really good on that account. Have a great weekend Sis - Love ya !

Mary said...

I'm a bit older than Harry and I like to remind him that I'm the senior member of this crew - he keeps reminding me that youth is on his side. Talk about a low blow!! :))

I hope things settle down for you sooner than soon. Thinkin' of you, kid.

SOUL: said...

who ever said robbin the cradle was a bad thing? i would think it would be a good thing.. well, within reason ya know.
i heard they had a new name for that recently-- forgot what it was though... cougar , maybe?
anyone know?
it was some kinda wild cat though
ooh you wild thang :))

hope you're havin a good day today---
and glad you had a good time last night-- even if mark did want to be a fuddy duddy :))


SOUL: said...

ps-- update us on chumley eh??
how is she? what did the vet say??

abbagirl74 said...

Happy Friday Sweetheart.

Lynx217 said...

bah. age is just a number. ex b/f was 13 years older than me yet I felt 20 years older than him. current is a bit older than me (I'll leave it there) and you know what, it works out much better. maturity is more important than youth :)

Portia said...

You have so much going on, but you still crack me up. I hope you have a fantastic weekend, you deserve it.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I have to look for one older than me...that way when I chase him, he can't run away. LOLOLOLOL
Thank you for your sweet comments. You made me cry, sweetie...but they were good tears!
You are a special one, you are. I'm lucky to have found you. A whole lot of people are saying that about you too, you know. Big big hugs. Charlotte

Cheryl said...

I like the idea of a walk in the rain.I've never done that. I hope you enjoy this weekend. You'll see what Monday brings and if this job's the one for you.

Kelly Jene said...

Poor puppy!! It's always sad to see a pet feeling poorly.

You do sound better today and that's great. Enjoy your weekend!

Thank you for all the nice comments. They mean a lot to me and make me smile.