Saturday, June 21, 2008

asshats, burned dinners and spotty doors.

How about a mixed up bunch of nothing this morning?

I cannot sleep, it's killing me.

Mark has taken the legal stuff about being let go from the dealership by the new owner to an attorney. According to him, there is no way that mr asshat could let him go, not legally, as it was in the contract between old owner and asshat that he could not, not without the written permission of old owner, Bill. Mark went to see him (the lawyer) almost two weeks ago, and the verdict was that our attorney would send a letter to mr asshat, asking for payment now, otherwise a law suit would begin. A lawsuit, that by the way, there is no way he can win, as we turned over the signed agreement between the two buying/selling parties to our attorney. Well, mr asshat got the letter yesterday. Holy crap, Mark certainly ruined mr asshats day. He called Bill and told him "you had better get this handled. I am NOT paying this, I NEVER lose a lawsuit, and if I have to pay, then you will pay it".(Well, which is it mr asshat? You never lose, or Bill's paying cannot have it both ways) If he wasn't being such an ass to my friend and former boss, I would laugh out loud. However, it was not our intention to screw things up for Bill, and while the deal on the dealership has been done to a degree, it does still involve many years of payment from asshat to Bill. I can see a huge legal and financial mess coming out of this. I did ask Bill if he would rather we drop it, and he of course said "no". I'll keep you posted. By now, for us, aside from the money that is owed, which is $6000, it is the principle of the thing. He was such an asshole to Mark, and took out his frustration and pure meanness with/for me on him. It was not right, and at the time it made my blood boil. Mark has never hurt anyone, and would never, ever treat another the way he was treated. I tend to want to shy away from problems of the legal kind and I do NOT want this to turn into a huge cluster**** of a mess.

We need to sell our house in podunk so badly. I keep hoping that will happen with just a sign out front, but realistically, I know better. It is not ready to be listed with a realtor, but soon, it will be.

Damn, I am tired today.

CrazyDog goes to see the vet today, although the original problem that we made the appointment for in now better. Mark is taking her with him this morning, so that means another ride in the car for two hours. I hope she does as well this time as she did when we moved, I got her Dramamine for traveling, all of life she has been carsick, but the pills worked wonderfully on moving day. If she should be sick all over Mark's car, he is not going to be happy. We try so hard with that dog, but I'm afraid our nerves and patience are wearing a little thin. I looked up the life expectancy for her breed, and it's 8-12. She turned 13 last week. Borrowed time? I do not want her to leave us, I just want her to calm down and enjoy her "golden years". Do dogs have those?

I am starving. A common problem recently. It seems I have not cooked a decent meal in weeks, and I fully intend to try to today. I have cooked something a total of twice since we moved here, and I must admit, I am having problems getting used to this new kitchen. I have never loved electric stoves, and as usual, I am burning everything. I cannot get the heat right - not in the oven or on the cook top. This is one of those smooth, black-glass covered ranges...and I just suck at using it. Practice, I suppose.

I have a question for all of you uber-smart friends of mine - do any of you know how to clean clear, glass shower doors? Is there a product made specifically for that? I have not had the opportunity to look for one yet, but cleaning, or keeping them clean is certainly a pain in the rear. I have used the daily shower cleaner, but that does a terrible job. I have cleaned them with Windex, and they look okay until it's used again. I am not going to clean both shower doors every day. I know I am just not doing something right, and I know you guys will know what to use.

Holy crap, this is boring. I am boring even ME. I think I will go do something exciting, like find some breakfast. Happy Saturday, everyone. :)


Mary said...

I'm sure everyone will laugh at my solution to glass shower doors but it works for me. I keep a small squeege (spelling)in the corner on the floor. When I'm through showering I put a few drops of shampoo on the washcloth and wipe the door down then a plastic cup to rinse it, and the squeege to pull the water off. Takes longer to tell about it than to do it and I don't have a strong cleaner smell "bottled up" in the shower.

I hope crazy-dog does well on the trip and that the vet knows of a med that will help her.

I hate legal stuff. Sometimes it's just necessary.

Trav said...

Well sis - I am here without you and eating my bran and lumbering around in my stess fracture boot.
Somehow life just seemed better on
your balcony!!!! I miss you and love you so much. I have wanted to
say "thank you" to all of your wonderful blogging friends for all of the support/prayer that they have given you. I have read the comments and cried many times. You
all are so so great and i thank you
for caring about my sister. Isnt
she wonderful!!! My hero - so strong yet tender. I am such a wus! Is that a word??? Thank you for all of my sympathy regarding my
hemmroid (spelling?) surgery and
now I have a stess fracture on my
rt foot. 12-16 weeks in the robo
cop boot. You should have heard me
on Jamies beautiful hard wood floors!!! I was Big Foot!!! I miss
my sister so much. I miss her more
everytime I am with her. She makes
me feel SO SO SO good about me!!!
We had a great counseling session
on her balcony. She could make $
that way. Just have people come on
up to the balcony and cry in the
other chair. She helped me so much. I know we are now closer in
miles but I am selfish - I want to
be even closer (not sure if she could take it) I am really alot of
work!!! I must unpack (been home
since wed and not even unpacked)
Again thank you to all of you for
all of your support - she is blessed to have you all - Trav

Trav said...
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fiwa said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for Mark. No one deserves to be treated that way - I hope he gets what is rightly his.

I have to say, I read Trav's comment, and it makes me want to cry, how lucky you both are to have each other. I wish I had a relationship like that with my sisters.

Hope you can get some rest this weekend.


Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh I do so wish I could offer you a workable solution to your shower door problem...but, alas, I have never had them so know nothing about keeping them clean. Mary's suggestion sounds like it may work...and something you can do before even getting out of the shower. Awwww...your sis posted a comment and it is such a sweet one...just as sweet as she is. You just don't know how lucky you are to have such a love for each other. My two children just seem to hate one another and it makes me so sad. Hope you get adjusted to your new kitchen the meantime,use crockpots. LOLOLOLOL Big hugs and I hope this Saturday is a good one for you. Charlotte

SOUL: said...

hey jamie--
you KNOW i am FAR from the queen of clean.. and to be honest- i have never tried this-- in fact-- i never even thought of it til i read this post-- i think i will try it myself--
but how bout "rainex" on the shower doors????
think it might work?? the water should roll right off -- dontcha think?
hell if i know-- but it sounds like a plan to me.
if you try it let me know-- if i try it-- i'll let you know.

so anyhow-- trav-- YOU are awesome. just like your sis. must be in the blood.
she really could make a livin at counseling huh? i would prolly be 10,000 dollars in debt by now if i was runnin a tab :))

anyhow... jamie-- as for mark-- it looks like it may take some time-- but i don't think asshat man has a chance in hell of "not losing THIS lawsuit".
OR of making old bossman pay it. i know it's hard -- but believe me when i say-- just let it roll , and do the next right thing-- and it will all come together in the end.

well.. sorry- but i can't remember anything else...

come find me if you're on.. or when ya get on k..


Kelly Jene said...

Trav is such a sweet sister. You two are blessed to have each other.

I'm sorry everything is going to hell. I sure know that problem!

You all have every right to push thru with this lawsuit and I hope you win your 6k and then some. Mr Hat deserves it.

I've dealt with electric stoves all my life and I still burn stuff!

Love to you and yours!!

Cheryl said...

I don't remember what I used to clean my glass doors, but it took a lot of elbow grease. I use a squeege on it every time now, but the scum is building up anyway. Oh well.

Maria said...'re supposed to clean those shower doors????