Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday thoughts from an old, old woman

Today, I sign the paperwork to begin my new job, and I'm rather excited about it. It means learning ALOT again, and I hope this old brain will stand up to all of it.

Yesterday, I worked at the Whippy Dip, aka the ICS, and it was no fun. My oldest son really didn't want or need my help...or at least that's the way it felt while I was there. To add insult to injury, I cut my finger and it bled for HOURS. I hate that, and I seem to cut myself alot.

CrazyDog is making life in this wonderful place hell. She will not ever relax, and it's really beginning to get me down. Taking her out for walks really isn't the problem, as it is an enjoyable place to walk her, but she wants to be walked constantly...She sees the vet back in our old town tomorrow, I really hope they can find a medication that will help her calm down. Physically, the crisis has passed and she is feeling better, mentally-I really feel sorry for her. At different times in my life, I have felt the way she seems to feel ALL the time, and living like that is no fun. We just keep trying to love her and have patience. It is hard, sometimes.

Daughter and her significant other are having problems, and I somehow have been sucked into the loop. I have no advice to offer, no help to give. I am given out, adviced out, and worn out. More than anything, I want my kids to be happy. Hell, I don't care how they accomplish that, but for heavens sake, just be happy. Life on this earth is too short to make problems, and if that's not what's happening, then perhaps the the wrong path has been chosen. Beyond that, I don't even know what to say to any of them.

I don't remember being so tired, not in a long, long time. Since I live my life in a perpetual state of tiredness, that's a huge statement to make. I am not sleeping well, and damned if I know why. Physically, my body is giving up, the pain is getting intolerable, and all I want is just to enjoy my new life. It's beginning to really piss me off.

This post was not supposed to be a whine-fest, and I do apologize...sometimes when I sit down to write, my fingers have ideas that my brain was not aware of.

On a happier note.....I've got nothing here.

Happy Friday, y'all.


SOUL: said...

i hate it whre i actually get to be first over here , and then find i have no words of great wisdom for you. in fact it sucks.

all i can say is that maybe you should TRY to learn that no matter how much you love and want the best for those that you love, you cannot control their choices or attitudes. nor can you control the way that they release the stress that they feel at the time.
you surely know by now, that he ones they they love the most-- or hold the closest-- just happens to be the one -- or pones that seem to be the one-- or ones who seem to catch the most unnecessary crap from all of them.
not sayin it's fair-- or right-- just seems to be the way it is. maybe cuz they know that the ones who love them the most-- won't leave them. so it makes for a good pinching bag. not that it ever makes it right. perhaps it's all a freud thing-- which surely doesn't qualify ME to analyze. but sometimes i'm not too far off.

but anyhow-- i hope today is a much better day for you- and all those involved in you life. there really has been a lot of changes in your entire families life's' worlds these passed few months--- and i truly hope you all find a happy medium soon, and find whatever it is that makes each of you of happy.

it really is time for that to happen.


if it helps --at all-- it's friday--???

have a good weekend-

SOUL: said...

ps-- sorry-- i just woke up and cannot spell-- :((
hope you can figure the chicken scratch out.

Gypsy said...

All you can do where your daughter is concerned is be there to hug her if she wants or needs it. We all have to find our own way in life and I know when my time comes when I can no longer protect my daughters, I will find it just as hard as you do.

Poor crazy dog, that would break my heart.

Smocha said...

I want to hear all about your new "city life"

I have no words of wisdom for you...too early. :)

Just remember what ever the latest crisis is ...they are ALL temporary.
I have finally realized that my old age.

Hope your new job turns out to be the best one ever!!

Happy Friday!

ac said...

The thing about having kids ... we Moms NEVER stop feeling their pain. From infants to grownups, emotional to physical. When they hurt, we hurt. Makes it extremely difficult to stay removed from their problems when we feel the pain of them ourselves. Trust me. I know this from experience. :-} I've become kinda fond of your daughter. I hope things work out for her. And you... You should not over do it this weekend! I'd tell you to take it easy but I don't think you would. I'm thinking, your taking it easy would kill most people. ha! Easy does it, ok? ac

superjanel said...

they like me, they really like me!

i didn't mean for you to get dragged in the middle of any of that last night. in a way, you could almost look at it as complimentary - he knows that you often have the answers for a lot of things. i wish you knew how much he does respect you and like you. i hope you guys can get along in the future and i'm sorry you had to hear all that crap last night. :(

if it makes you feel any better, we're okay and we're going to be okay and he's coming home sunday or monday.

it makes me feel a little better.

i hope your day is good. i'm not sure if i'm going to the whippy dip tonight or if i'm hanging out with the puppy. i'll call you this afternoon. i love you.

Anonymous said...'s hard...ours is only 6 years old..and we got a LONG ways to go! hope things look up for you after a good weekend....

fiwa said...

Awww... Janel's msg to you made me tear up.

I'm sorry you're feeling so tired - I wonder if part of it is all the stress you are and have been under? Stress is hard on your body and it will find a way out. I hope you can find some way to feel better - either on your own or with a dr.'s help.

You are such a special person to love Crazy-Dog despite her craziness.

I hope you have a great weekend.
love & hugs,

Kelly Jene said...

Sometimes you just have to be "out" of everything for everyone else. You have so much going on, it's time to put some effort into you to get some energy back. I don't know how of course, cuz then I could take my own advice. But, I know you are a giver and sometimes it's ok to not give.

I love ya. Thank you for the encouragement you left for me. Big hugs!

Flavius Maximus said...

This is a great blog, too!
thanks for visiting me...
keep on keeping on!!!

Summer said...

I love it when kids tell their moms they love them.

How are you feeling this morning?

ac said...

See... that's why I like her... :-}

Amanda said...

I've been where the daughters is at. Advice helps little at this stage. But if she's as smart as I think she is, she will eventually wake up one day and say...oh now I know what mom has been trying to tell me...