Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just call me Red...

No, no, no...I don't want it to be Sunday already, that means I have to leave again, today. Ugh. I have had a great weekend home, although we actually haven't been home at all. I have been running around like a fool, trying to get it all done before I'm out the door again, and none of it is done, if you want the truth. In fact, my sweet, most wonderful husband is going to drive me all the way back to Minnesota today, so that I can hit the books on the way. There has been zero time for studying, and there is a huge exam on product knowledge/client flow/medical exceptions/counseling technique tomorrow. I think that is the sweetest thing ever. I will not need the car while I'm there, everything I could possibly need is within walking distance, so this seems to be the most viable solution. Plus, it gives us that much more time to get caught up, there has been little time for talking this weekend.

I got to see all of my wonderful kids yesterday, and it was great. I hadn't seen Janelle is a long time, or Jordy either, actually. They are all doing fine, Jordy and Steph seem quite well-they are so cute together-Janelle looks great-and Craig, well poor Craig is having issues running the Ice Cream Store, and he looks a bit frazzled, otherwise he's good, too. I love being with my kids. I doesn't happen enough. I cannot wait to get moved so that I can be closer to all of them.

Speaking of moving, we looked most of the day for apartments. Holy Crap - this is going to be harder than I thought.We only actually got to look at one, all the others we stopped at were either full, or had issues with the kind of dog that CrazyDog is. She is a chow. They are on the "bad dog" list, which makes no sense to me, but was not surprising. (Out of the blue, several years ago, we got a letter from our home owners insurer that we could no longer have their insurance, due to the fact that our dog was a Chow...) and while I understand rules, frankly, I have never known a Chow to be aggressive, unless you count the way CrazyDog acted towards the dog we used to have, my Snowman. But anyway, the one place that we looked at, Mark really liked, and I liked okay. It was quite beautiful, in a brand new area of town...mixed in with shops, restaurants, stores, every kind of business you can think of, this little area has it all. And the apartments are strewn about, here and there, over, under, beside all of these "trendy" lifestyle type of places. Once you were home, you would not have to move your car. Ever. And I would like that, I know I would. The building is the quietest I have ever been in, so much noise protection, that even if the stupid dog would happen to bark all day, like we are afraid she will, no one would hear her. The apartment itself was big, new, had everything you could want. The price was steep with two capital E's, although with all that's included, it's probably not any worse than anywhere else. It comes with local paid for telephone and internet, water, gas, DIRECT TV..the only thing needed is electricity. And that would be very minimal, with all the insulation against the elements. It has my has underground, heated parking, (no more scraping windows in the winter) and the very best security system I can imagine. No security key fob, no going anywhere on the property, not even the elevators will work without it. So, I don't know. Like all things, I feel that if it's the right thing, we will know it. But we have to decide soon, I actually start working in one week, and there is no way I am going to be able to commute for two hours each way.

We shopped a little yesterday, and I bought a couple of things, I needed more suits, and I am built so stupid, I cannot buy one off the rack. I have to buy separates, and that's not that easy to find. But I did find a a jacket and pants and a sweater. I cannot tell you how much I despise shopping. Oh - and I colored my hair, and although it wasn't really planned that way, I am now a bit of a redhead, and I have decided I like it...mahogany is red, at least when it's put on my hair, who knew?

Have a happy, happy Sunday. I'll catch you all here, later. :)


abbagirl74 said...

No worries. We are all built stupid. I am back and didn't realize how much I missed reading your blog until now. Glad to be back at it and thanks for stopping by while I was out.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Wow, that apartment sure does sound great! Yep...I had heard about homeowner's policies either jacking up the prices or refusing to insure because of several breeds of dogs...chows, dobermans, rotties, pitbulls and german shepherds I think. So now you know the best kind to get for a watchdog. LOL
I hope you find what you're looking for soon. I know you'll sure be glad when this 'training' is over and one with. I'm glad you're able to keep us posted on what's going on while you're away. Take care. Big hugs, Charlotte

Cheryl said...

I think I want to move into that apartment. Sounds like it has everything I would love. Except the garden, but there is the balcony.

I hope you fit in all the studying you need too ace your test. Enjoy the rest of your day and I'll be looking for updates from MN.

ac said...

The appt sounds really nice.

Your hubby is a peach! One more week of training. Hang in there and kick some butt! ac

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...i've never known anyone who could buy clothes right off the rack and fit into them... guess we're all built weird that way! good luck with the job and's hard, but it's just a phase...hopefully you will all be settled in no time at all.

SOUL: said...


the apartment sounds perfect for you--(y'all) --
i hope nothing stands in the way , and you get to move in soon. tell those kids i'll be lip-rippin em with a rubber worm if they don't hustle up and move your house for ya :))

i misssssss yeeeewwweeee
my mornings haven't been the same without you-- but hey, no pressure. :))

i hope you have a great week..

talk to ya soon..


if you look for me , and don't find me-- look again later-- cuz we are goin out to eat.. but i will be back maybe around 8-ish. k so i'll be playin catchup on here-


The Real Mother Hen said...

Well a redhead is much better looking than a gray one :)

PS: the way you describe the apartment is great, would you consider being a real estate agent? :)

fiwa said...

Hey Red - glad to have you as part of the team! I bet it looks great. You will love being a red head.

The apartment you guys are looking at sounds wonderful - I hope it works out for you. And it sounds like you've had a rough week, but all new jobs are that way. You are learning new things, and that is stressful. I have no doubt whatsoever though, that you can do this, and you CAN kick ass at it. Don't let the pressure get to you - just find your groove and you will be fine and more.

Sending you hugs -

Kelly Jene said...

Hey Red! I love red hair... could be why I dyed mine red just this morning!

Your husband is a darling... I'm super glad you all get to have the extra time during the drive.

Good luck on your exam!!

bonnie said...

Is there something wrong with the apartment? It sounds so perfect. It would be nice to have a whole list of choices, but it never seems to work that way. Poo. Is that a forbidden word? I could see BIG ass being forbidden in the weight loss profession. Oh, I hope you're having a great time!