Saturday, May 03, 2008

Effin degrees...

Damn, it's cold in here this morning, apparently the wind chill is 34 F'in degrees. Holy crap - on the third of May.

(When my youngest was little he would look at the bank sign with time and temperature, and loudly proclaim "it's 76 F'in degrees" because of the little F for Fahrenheit. We thought it was cute then, and we still say it today...)

So, I am still hobbling this morning, but not quite as badly as yesterday, as it was one dead day at the ICS. With the weather, and the fact that many folks just do not have money this year, we are really feeling the pinch. I have a little hope for today, but since it is so cold, most likely we will be able to call Tulip Time a bust this year.

I did get a little bit of encouraging news yesterday regarding the sale and the deal at the car dealership. It should be complete by the end of this next week, and if that is the case, it will be none too soon for any of us. Financially, it would be just in the nick of time for all of us, - the (previous) owner, the ICS, and me. Yes, call me stupid, but I still take care of all the financial paper work for all of the above, and I have just been trying to rob Peter to pay Paul for the past couple of weeks. It is beginning to be impossible as even Peter and Paul have their limits.

I forgot to tell all of you, but my new job training has been postponed for a week, and that is okay with me. Originally, I had the option of starting on the 5th or the 12th, and I had chosen the 12th so that I could get a couple of important things finished before I left. Then, it had been changed to beginning on the 5th. Now, we are back to the 12th, and that's good. Yes, I need the money that beginning a week early would have paid me, but Mark and I have got to get out and find an apartment in the city, and now we should have the opportunity to do that. Hopefully. I have several things to do this week, one of which is to meet Soul in the Wichita area, at least I hope so, and that would be an overnight stay. With any luck, we will be able to get it put together, sometimes working with two families schedules can be a problem. Plus, I work one whole day at the ICS, and then I have to help with the closing at the dealership, and then Mark will be working daily beginning Monday, and that will be different because I have had many months of him being able to be anywhere or do anything whenever he wanted to. Hmmm...

Mark will get back from Kansas City today, his training for the new job will end today about three. I have missed him. CrazyDog has missed him. Although, this time she has not been too bad, and we have all managed without him fairly well. If anything ever happened to Mark, I am afraid she would not survive. She has the worst separation anxiety I have ever seen. She waits for him to come home, by the door, and sighs loudly and often. Then at bedtime when he's not here, she starts to shake, I feel so sorry for her. She really is quite elderly, will be 13 next month. I don't know the life span of a Chow, but it seems to me that I read once that 11 or 12 was usually the limit. Physically, her health is good, mentally...not so much.

Today, I am off to the ICS once again. I am looking forward to it today, Janelle will be there to help, and I haven't seen her in what feels like ages. I doubt I work too very long, because the business will be dead, and there are too many people scheduled. That doesn't break my heart too badly. Have a happy day! :)


JYankee said...

good luck...F'n degrees! well..i am almost ashamed to say that i boasted on my latest post of our low 80 degree weather!!!! oops..hope it warms up for you guys as well though..spring has to roar in some time!

Brad said...

Hopefuly things will go better at the ICS - fingers crossed - but if they don't please go home and take a time out and relax - I worry about you. You bring out the Yenta in me.

Maria said...

God...doesn't it suck to have your body sort of give up and go in in downward spiral? I am getting around better and better but I still use my cane most of the time and I HATE IT. So, hey...I feel your pain, friend.

I hope that you get some downtime with Soul. I think you need this, yes? It's been a long road.

SOUL: said...

i love the F'n degree thing !
out of the mouths of babes, as they say.

i'm glad that you are able to take it easy today. you need to chill a bit and get ready for that road trip ! w00 h00 ---
look out wichita here we come !!!!


(poor crazy dog-- but ya gotta say - she keeps life interesting.. just like midnight huh)

welcome home mark !


SOUL: said...

ps-- wth is a yenta?? :))

Kelly Jene said...

Enjoy your time with Janelle. Just take it easy. You need your body to heal. It's kinda cold and miserable here too.

I'm jealous, you get to meet Soul, how cool will that be!! Pictures!!

Andrew said...

Oh, I hope you meet with Soul!!!! I admire you Jamie. You do so much to keep it together. You remind me of my father and that is a compliment of the highest order. Keep us informed about starting work. I would be so nervous. Take care good friend!

Cheryl said...

We've had a few warm days here, in between all the rain. Cold and ice cream don't go together and I hope it warms up soon for you. Enjoy your time with Janelle and your reunion with Mark.

Foster Communications said...

F'in degrees cracks me the heck up!!!! Too dang funny!

Good luck with all you've got going on--sounds like a lot!!


welcome home Mark!!

I love the F-in-Degrees..I will have to remember that as it is just adorable!!

Did someone say Yenta? HA! :0

But back to your post, I do hope you and Soul can figure out how to get in some of your own time, both of you need it!

Damn F in degree's weather..can it BE any colder??

Rebecca said...

what a strange spring this country is having! 34 degrees by you...all the freaking tornadoes. Good grief, what next, locusts? GAH!

bonnie said...

Phew, I'm glad you got that extra week to handle transitional details. I hope you find a great place to live, fast. Kids say the most awesome things like f'in degrees. My favorite of Jessica's was when she was four years old learning French. She came home as said: Mommy, if cat is " le chat," is kitten "le shitten?"