Friday, May 02, 2008

The clomp, clomp, clomp of wooden shoes

I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder, not a good sign for tulip time. The forecast is iffy, there actually could be at least one of the two scheduled parades today, if they can dodge the storms. It won't exactly be prime ice cream weather, highs in the low 50's, ugh.

Yesterday was a good day business wise, we consistently did a hundred dollars or more each hour, and that's a lot of ice cream. It never did get out-of-hand crazy, like I have seen some years. Saturday is traditionally the biggest day of the three day affair, and once again, rain in the forecast. By Saturday, I am so damned tired of Dutch clothes, wooden shoes and tourists, you have no idea. It is impossible to maneuver around the town, most streets are blocked off, and you just have to walk. Which I ordinarily wouldn't mind, but after a day at the ICS, I cannot walk. Hell, I can hardly stand. Last evening, my body felt like I had run the Boston Marathon, twice. I hobbled into the house, and that was it. I am trying to understand what is wrong with me and my poor legs, nerve damage is all I can come up with. I knew there would be some, I just didn't expect that I would be left with damage this severe. It worries me that working will be a problem, it has been awhile, and I do seem to be getting progressively worse. At my old job, no one noticed if I was having trouble walking, it was just who I was. I'm not so sure that I can get away with that at my new place of employment. And of course, this morning, I am in severe pain and I haven't even gotten started. Today will be hard on me, we are a bit short handed at the store, although with the weather, that may not be a problem at all. But I have to be there, or I wouldn't even try. It is not going to be pretty. I get really upset with my body when it won't do what I ask, especially when all I am asking is normal activity. I really had hoped that after my surgery, I wouldn't need to deal with this anymore. I still have hope that it will improve, however.

I wish each of you a great day, no rain, sunny skies. 'Til later, adieu. :)


SOUL: said...

i hate that you are in pain and your body not cooperating. people are still praying about that ya know-- things will change for you-- i feel it-- and you know-- i "know things". :))

don't worry too much about the ics sales today-- ice cream lovers will eat ice cream in a blizzard -- just ask my soulman.. :))

and you said "adoiu" (i know i spelled it wrong :) )
but i still chuckled when you said it .

i hope you feel good enough to make it through the day with a smile on your face---



Gypsy said...

Maybe it won't be so busy and you can get to sit down now and then. I hear ya about a disobedient body. I am still typing with 2 fingers because my hands won't do as I say and it kills me. I'm normally such a speedy gonzales on the keyboard. Hope you can get some rest soon before you start your new gig.

Portia said...

Sorry to hear you're hurting so bad - and your weather is still sucking! Good luck with all the tulip madness, and take care of yourself:)

Mary said...

Jamie, I've been out of the que for several days and am just catching up this morning. Lots has happened since I've been away and from what I read I believe it's all wonderful.

I don't envy you the task of dressing in wooden shoes and working on your feet. No wonder your legs are killing you. I'd be flat of my back yelling for food and a bed pan. Not really, but it makes my point.

The news about your job is great. I need to be in that program. I know it's a good one - I have a couple of friends who have had really good results. I did the program for a few weeks and had great expectations but I had another episode with my recurring anemia. It wasn't the fault of the program, I hasten to say. The problem was recurring effects of polio (which I had many, many years ago). I had to start medications that negated the program (steriods) and just gave up.

I know it is wonderful to feel that you'll have the income and even more that you'll be a positive force for many, many people. Congratulations.

Brad said...

I'm sorry your hurting dear. Try and take it easy if you can - The ICS looks like a prime location and it looks like a charming town too. Be well -

Andrew said...

Thank you so much for your comment tonight. I appreciated it to the core of my heart. You've been such a dear blogging friend and keep in touch. I still love reading you first thing when I get up. Me and you both have come a long way. Don'cha think? Take care Jamie! Hugs and kisses!

Kelly Jene said...

Jamie, I'm so sorry you're dealing with body stuff amidst all the other changes. It does sound like nerve damage. After I had my back surgery I ended up with some nerve damage in my leg (I have to be careful when shaving!) Anyway, my legs go dead on me often, so I know how it feels. Not good.

Try to get some rest!

bonnie said...

Ouch, I feel ya.

Is your scooping arm a lot bigger from your other arm? I always thought that's cool. My nephew is a physical therapist and he has one hand that's kinda small. So odd.

bonnie said...

You are fortunate that your other readers are so sensitive and nice, 'cuz tonight I'm leaving really stupid comments. So sorry. xoxoxo. Bonnie