Friday, May 16, 2008

Do Be Do

I must apologize my friends, you are all being put on the back burner. Not because I want you there, but because I have all I can handle right now. In fact, I miss all of you, I miss being able to read what's going on with all of you. But I have to tell you how very much I appreciate all your words of encouragement, all of your wisdom, and the fact that you all believe in me. Sometimes when I read your comments, I want to cry. I don 't know what I've ever done to deserve any of you, but without all of you and your encouragement, I would be lost. I just wanted you all to know that.

This has been a very hard week. My brain is ready to explode and I see no relief in sight. Today is the last day of week one, and the resulting training day today will be very difficult, many tests and situations that will prove what we do or do not know. I honestly have done the best I know how, if I cannot make it today or any other remaining day, then I may just be in the wrong place. However, this evening I will drive the long way home, and I will get to wake up in my own space for the next two mornings. That should help. Tomorrow, I get to have dinner with all of my kiddos, and that has me very excited. A weekend away will be good, even if I do have to physically beat myself up getting there and back.

I will do all I can to visit you, I really do feel bad. Please understand that I will eventually make it up to you all. I miss you. In the meantime, I hope that you all have a great weekend. I hope that for me, too. I'm out. :)


JYankee said...

wth...i am FIRST...
and DO NOT have to do what you have to do bloggees...can be put on the back burner WITHOUT any guilt whatsoever... do enjoy your weekend with your deserve it!

Cheryl said...

Second here...

I'm so far behind on keeping up with keeping up. We all know we want to be there!

Enjoy your precious few days home and 'recharge' your batteries!

Foster Communications said...

Good luck today! And enjoy your weekend at home. I think there's nothing quite like waking up in your own bed. Well, unless you're waking up in George Clooney's bed. That would be okay too. :)

SOUL: said...


ya know what? i do be-do-believe that you are puttin too much pressure on yourself. just so ya know.
i shoulda caught this earlier-- but these tests , and training courses etc.. are not meant to trip you up. using hubbys' courses as an example... which surely, don't you think is much more difficult? (in the profession... not meant as a put down.. just meaning more technical, ya know)...
but really, he almost never fails a student . i may know of one or two in all his years of training. and they were really really STUPID. something you are NOT.
you DO have managerial skills, and THAT is what they are looking DO have the experience they are looking for too.
SO--- you think because some of these women are younger and may retain some of the material is being in some way against you in that you are having a hard time retaining the material... but remember-- you have experience in life and work, that they don't have.
that is ammunition. and strength. they know that you will pick up the business aspect on the job.. and i think they already do.

anyhow-- babblin here...

blah blah blah blah---

i'll make a deal with ya---
we're fishin the tourney tonight-- if we win.. you have to have more "d0-be-do" next week.
k? deal?
if not-- well, you know what i'll have to do--
cuz i'm tougher than most ya know..


i hope you have a GREAT weekend with your family--
don't worry about blogging.. or nothin.. we know you need to catch up with your family FIRST.. we aint goin nowhere.


Kelly Jene said...

Dear friend, I count myself lucky to be counted as one of those who care for you.

You have a huge task in front of you and of course the lesser priorities are standing back.

But remember how much you are cared for and being cheered for even when you aren't here.

God bless you, sister, and enjoy your weekend!

SOUL: said...

hope you're home safe and sound..

will look for you when i wake up--

it's late-- ugh.. could be 4 a.m ... could be 6-- usually not later than that.

see ya then,..

Amanda said...

Nothing to apologize for m'dear! Totally understand. Just have the best weekend you can.

I agree with Soul you have a lot of things going for ya, even if it's really hard to see it right now.

Summer said...

Don't worry about visiting, especially me. It's not like I've been sociable lately....