Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The brain drain

It has been a really long time since I have been required to learn and RETAIN the information, and let me tell you this old brain is protesting! However, it is interesting, and I like the other women involved so it will be okay. The day runs late but doesn't start until 9:30...by then, I have been up for hours. The evenings are for homework and studying, there will be little downtime while I'm here. Which is okay with me, I've no plans or any desire to go out and do anything...I am just trying to get through this. That's all I ask, I want to get through it, learn it, REMEMBER it.

My roomie decided against the job, I assume, since she never did show up or even call. I can't say my heart was broken...I hope they find no other way to put me "with" someone else.

I really like it here, I think this place is very pretty, clean, the people are friendly. It's a good place to be if I can't be home with my husband and kitties.

Craig is having issues at the ICS- with employees, scheduling, you name it. Welcome to management.

I have got to go down and get more coffee. I hope each of you have a great Tuesday!


Cheryl said...

So you're getting lots of exercise...brain exercise. It's good for you! I hope you keep your single room, and have another good day.

SOUL: said...

i'm glad you ended up without a roomie-- i know you like that better. i would too.

and, i'm glad you like it there-- i know it isn't home, but at least it's tolerable. eh?

well, here's to a good a good day-- i hope you aren't in too much pain.


Rebecca said...

Yayyy! Here's to a single room :)

You'll get through this just fine. Your brain will be tired, achy then will grow stronger for it. Kind of exciting when the axiom "can't teach an old dog new tricks" is proved false!!

Foster Communications said...

Yay on the no roommate!!! I think it's silly for grown women to be expected to share with a total stranger.

Oh, and Minnesotans do pretty much rock. :)


it sounds perfect for you! I'm so glad things are going well for you..
and no roomie, which means "nicey nice phone calls with the husband."
:) GASP! :)


Golden To Silver Val said...

Yay...glad your roomie bailed. Hope you find the position with this company challenging and rewarding. I know you won't be happy if those two elements are not there. Best of luck...and we are anxiously waiting for all the details. Hugs, Charlotte

Mary said...

Nothing better than a single room if the option is to room with a stranger. Having your days filled will make the time go faster. I never liked the rushed classes at all. I need time to digest information.

Smocha said...

Ooh! I feel for ya , on trying to "learn" and retain new stuff. :)

I have to make myself flashcards. lol
"once ya say it out loud to yourself ...at least 5 times.....
That works."
At least short term ...enough to ace test's and such.:)

I always ace the test...and am one of the first to finish....retaining the info ....that's a whole 'nother story.

Glad (for you)that you get to do this "room mate free" woo hooo!!!!

YOU are more like our dad than WE are, as far as the discipline and excelling ...in EVERYTHING..so I KNOW you will do awesome in your new endeavor.

And so will Mark.

I'm sooo proud of both of you!!!
You guys are my new hero's!

Luv me

Kelly Jene said...

That's great that your in by yourself. It's God's way of keeping you from being with a grump. ;)

Good luck with the remembering... it seems to get so much harder as time goes on.

Take care!

desert dirt diva said...

i'm glad all is looking up.. in-case you don't read your back comments, and since i'm behind on blogging... just wanted to tell you i love love love your house, how big is it and how much is it... out here it would be around 350,000.00 or more....depending on the area..and thats a low price... glad your back to work etc.sounds like you and soul had a good visit... can't wait to go see her sister...yea...

bonnie said...

It would be hard having a roommate with the hours you keep. I can just see it... the light going on at 5 a.m. (or is it earlier?) I love the quiet solitude of those early hours when the world is quiet and still.

SOUL: said...

happy humpday pal---


i do believe that NOW would be a great time to re-read ALL these comments.

lots of support here...
we ALL love you ya know-- and we have faith in you that you just don't see in yourself right now. it's situational ya know.

you have been through soooo much in recent months, and now you are just in a strange place with different people.

smochas flashcard idea is a most excellent one. ya know, i did that too, when i was in mech school. it really does work. i also made a tape that i would listen to when i would go to sleep-- with test material on it-- it helped me advance to petty officer-- in that it helped me remember things i needed to know for the test.

and you KNOW MY memory.

we are all here to to support you--

i love you ya know--- change is never easy--
want me to come see you up there?
if i can make it happen i will.

try to have a good day-- just a couple more days and you'll be with the fam -- k.


Portia said...

Ew, no roommate after all, that is a pleasant surprise:) I'm glad you find yourself in a decent place.

Good luck to both you and Craig! You know what they say about what doesn't kill you;)