Friday, April 11, 2008

The wonder of it all

It's Friday, again. Holy crap, am I in a time warp? I wonder now how I had the time to seems that my days are full and busy, and over so quickly. However, my main job right now is finding a job, and that does take a LOT of time.

Things in that department are looking up, I have had a couple of promising interviews, and I have a couple more next week. Any of them would be fine, I'll take whatever if I can live on the pay. I have realized that I am quite full of shit and can write a bullshit letter with the best of them; I applied for a job with the state, and somehow, SOMEHOW, I have made it through the first couple of hoops that are required to jump through. Now, this job that I am talking about would be a dream job, and frankly, there is no way I have any clue what the hell they are talking about when it comes to the actual job---I know nothing about overweight semi trucks or the intrastate commerce that comes from a whole pot of acronyms that the state of Iowa just loves to use, but I did receive a letter from them, wanting me to outline my understanding and experience with such....and I wrote a killer letter. Let me tell you, there is no way I am going to hear from them again, but I was proud of my success in writing it. I sounded like an intelligent woman, which in the middle of real life, you sort of forget you are. So, there goes two hours of my life, I will never see again....teehee.

Life in our house has settled into a routine, one of us goes to the Ice Cream Store, the other stays home and does the job search thing or Mark works on the house. We have put a for sale sign in the front yard, that makes me feel a little strange. I avoid looking at it, which is odd, I am the one who wants out of this town so badly, but the very idea of someone else living in my house is a bit hurtful.

The Ice Cream business has not been good, but hell - the weather this year is NOT conducive to eating frozen ANYTHING...will spring ever arrive? Yesterday we had tornadoes in the area, today it will snow....what a weird year for weather.

I will have to post a photo of CrazyDog, we had her shaved yesterday...and she looks so cute. She is NOT happy however, last night she protested, ALL NIGHT LONG. It is so much fun to live with a crazy animal, it certainly provides entertainment.

Hope you all have a great day---I will catch you later. :)


SOUL: said...

well holy hell-- I"M FIRST!!!!!

i had NO idea you had been posting -- guess i shoulda been checkin more-- sorry .. my bad.

course-- for a day or two--i haven't really been anywhere.
i don't think.
man.. talk about brain dead-- i'm a mess-- but you sound pretty good.
and that i like to see.

anyhow-- you know i am hoping ...praying..and have every possible body part crossed for you on the state job !! ya just nevah know -- right-- stay positive-- i know, i'm one to talk about positive thinking-- but it's your fault-- :))
happy friday pal


Brad said...

Can't wait to see the pup. Glad to hear things are looking up job-wise

fiwa said...

I'm glad the job situation is starting to look a little better. I just takes awhile to get it rolling.

Can't wait to see the picture of crazydog. :)

abbagirl74 said...

The ice cream business is hard. But I know you can be successful. I hope the job with the state pulls through. Keep your beautiful chin up!

Anonymous said...

oh popping in... hey writing killer resumes and stuff doesnt hurt... hubby wrote a killer resume too..and got his part-time job......! have a good weekend? anyways...wishing good for you and that job!

Portia said...

Oh good:) Interviews to look forward to and a comfy routine to get you through. I'm glad. Still hoping it warms up though.

Gypsy said...

It's amazing how quickly we manage to fall into new routines. You sound a lot more positive and hopeful or is that just more BS. Only kidding honey....good luck with all the irons you have in the fire.

PS I wrote a fantastic letter once, talking myself up for a job I was clearly unqualified for. I got an interview and was virtually offered the job (the BS spilled over into the interview, God I'm good) but I realised there were hours I couldn't manage due to family commitments and took myself out of the race. It just goes to show that a lot of confidence can count for a lot even if I was faking it.

Raine said...

warmer weather will come and the ice cream store will get busy. i hope yo udo find something that you really want for a job, something you will enjoy

Summer said...

LOL @ Soul!

Hey You! I know things are rough now. I didn't realize that you were going to sell your house. Where are you planning on settling?

Sorry I haven't been around much. I'm a havin a huge pity party. Wanna come?

Smocha said...

Surely there are places to brush up on ones state hwy. acronyms. lol

I bet they call you.:))

Can't wait to see crazy dog .

Hope you 're having a good weekend.


YOu could always call them SNOWBALLS! :) hahah.

Damn weather!

Many lucky clovers for the State ROLE!


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

All I can say is good luck with all the changes in your life - I'm sure they will all be for the better - even though that's hard to believe sometimes.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Isn't it funny how we often are offered jobs that we really didn't want? I think it may be because we are more relaxed in the interview (because we basically don't give a crap). LOL, you may end up being offered that job for the DOT yet. Wouldn't that be a hoot? Oh never did say WHERE you would like to move. Are you putting out your resumes in other states?...WARM ones...just think NO snow. NO blizzards. NO 50 below zero wind chills. Yep...WARM climate sure does sound nice...WARM but not 118 degrees in the summer hot. Maybe Tennessee or Kentucky...or N. Carolina.
Big Hugs. - Charlotte

Amanda said...

Best of luck with the job hunt Jamie!

I'm seeing some hints of spring here now, so it shouldn't be long for you either. Maybe the good folks will make up for lost time by eating double the amount of ice-cream. I know that's how I do it. :)

Rebecca said...

So glad to read that the job search is yielding positive results. It is a great thing to be reminded of one's intelligence once in a while ;) State jobs come with great benefits, so I hope it works out!

Sorry I'm late in making the rounds...