Saturday, April 12, 2008

Just call her Gnarls (Barkley)

This (see above) is the source of many of my most recent problems....seriously, she will be lucky if i let her live. UGH. It is no fun having a CrazyDog, there are times I fantasize about opening the front door and just letting her leave; however, I know she would return. And yes, I do love her. And no, not as much as Mark, but I love her nonetheless, but she has been C-R-A-Z-Y for all of her life...13 LONG years. And the problem is progressing. We have her on full time tranquilizers, but they really are not working too well anymore. She cannot/will not relax. EVER. I really do feel sorry for her, I think it must feel like living in a perpetual panic attack, and that would certainly suck. BUT, it is really getting to be a burden on us, as well. There is no way that either Mark or I could do anything to her, such as get rid of her, I am really only joking about that, but some times with her are worse than others, and these past couple of days have been about as bad as it can get. But I post her picture here so that you all can see how cute she looks, and it will be a blessing to her if the weather ever warms up. Her fur is so hot in the summer time, I can't make her keep it, and we always have her shaved this time of year, but this year it is still too cold, so I do think that is part of her problem right now...she wears a sweatshirt when she gets really cold, but that too, makes her unhappy. I swear, if it's not kids causing problems, it's animals. On the really lucky days, it's kids and animals...LOL

This has been a pretty easy day, no help is required at the ICS, so Mark and I actually went grocery shopping, together. UGH----I need a job, if only to make myself unavailable to doing that, once again. You all know how much I HATE to shop, and Mark really is the shopping master, much better at it, and way more patient with it than I.

Soon- very, VERY soon. :) Later.


ac said...

I hate to grocery shop too. Thankfully, the Captain doesn't hate it and will shop for me and lay in supplies before going to work. If he didn't do that, I would surely starve to death. HA!

That is the cutest dog I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing. ac

fiwa said...

Poor CrazyDog - I didn't realize there was a reason you called her that. She looks so funny shaved though!

I hate grocery shopping too - it makes me grumpy.

Good luck with the upcoming interviews etc.


JYankee said...

yeah i hate grocery shopping too..though i went out and did it by myself yesterday...crazy dog... looks really cute!

Cheryl said...

I thought this was an altered photo...big dog head on little dog body. Wow! What kind of dog is she? Full time tranquilizers and she's still not calm. I can't imagine how hard this is for you.

I love grocery shopping, btw.

Terri said...

those pics crack me up somethin' fierce! Is Crazy Dog a chow? Her face kinda resembles one.

I don't mind grocery shopping, as long as my husband doesn't go. He's totally a brand name whore and we spend way too much money when he goes with me!

Mary said...

I guess we both belong to the "I hate to shop" league. I had to go today and was drained by the time the groceries were in the house.

Poor Ms Barkley. Tonight I think I know just how she feels. I'm watching the race and reading during commercials. Casey just took to the wall and has damage. Harry went to bed. I need a viewing partner.

Smocha said...

Ha! ha! I'd call her "lion head"

I guess God knows who to place his crazy furkids with. lol

Our cat ,Monkey has been crazy her entire life as well. Some times she really pisses us off. But we know we're stuck with her for life. With our luck , she'll probably live until she's 30.

Happy Sunday!!

Summer said...

ac is so spoiled!

Please tell me it's NOT SNOWING there.

ac said...

Summer is SO right. I AM spoiled. In my defense, I'm not a brat.

SOUL: said...

i love her--- she's so cute-- and of course-- one of those midnight dogs-- one only a "parent could love!"

i'm home!

Rebecca said...

I don't mind shopping. I like having a say over what comes into the house. Less junk when I shop. :) But Brian hates when i shop. It cost more because I insist or organic stuff.

The dawg is awfully cute. Is she a chow? or part chow? We just have crazy kitties in our world. At least Jeffrey seems to be making his way back to his 100% self.

And I did see the recent radar for your part of the world....geez will the snow EVER freaking end???

Portia said...

awwwww, what a cutie! i'm sorry to hear she struggles so. i knew you called her crazy, but i guess i didn't fully understand why. i hope you guys are able to find some relief for her - and yourselves:)