Saturday, April 19, 2008

Me, Me, ME.

And to think that I believed this whole out of work thing would be temporary. Fool. My ego is in literal pain, and I have no earthly idea why, WHY, I do not have a job yet. I am doing everything possible to find just the right one. It has now been five weeks, don't you all think that's long enough? I am beginning to question myself, my abilities, everything about me. Am I too brash, am I too tough, not tough enough, too smart, too stupid, too...shit, everything?

I did not get the job running the truck shop that I really, really wanted. It was by far the one I was THE most qualified for, the one that made me feel the most comfortable, and the money was decent. Or at least I was told it was. However, I do believe that money played a part in their decision, and I am wondering, am I expecting too much? I had agreed to their salary cap, their top amount, and that was still nearly twenty-thousand less than I had been making. I am aware that they do NOT care what I would have made this year had I stayed in my former position, but should it NOT play a part in what I do? At this point, I would pretty much take about anything, but the lower positions that I have applied for, I do NOT hear anything from. It makes me wonder if I should "dumb down" my resume for lower type jobs...not lower in the class sense, but lower in the area of responsibility and money...just so you know. In any event, SHIT.

I am beginning to question every damned thing about ME, and that's always been something I am sure of...ME. I know what I can do, I know what I can give, I know what I need and want. Why does no one want me? And this is pretty much rhetorical, because if any of you know why no one wants me, I don't think my bruised ego can take it right now, or at least be gentle. :)

But in other news:

So much happening, so little time.




Brad said...
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Brad said...

(sorry - had to fix my typo's)

Whoa babe - stop the stinkin-thinkin - it's not you.

Your dealing with folks who only have their best intrests engaged. Having a version of your resume suited to the dumbed down jobs is a good idea. I sure you & I both have set resumes aside thinking 'Why would this person wanna work here and am I just putting time into someone who really needs to move on to something better?

Your being a bit rough with your self Dear. I'm just calling you out on it cuz I care Sis. The right thing will come. Sending you love.

Anonymous said...

Good things come to those who wait! quote to remember! ps your going to freak when you see my hair HAHA Cant wait to see you tomorrow Love You

Golden To Silver Val said...

When my daughter was 20 or so, she lost 2 or 3 jobs because she was "over qualified"...those were the words of the interviewers at the time. They were afraid that she would only take the job just until something better came along and then she'd be gone. I'll tell you what I told her at the time. You've worked hard to have the qualifications that you have and why should you dismiss those as if they were worthless....just to take a job beneath you that you would probably be BORED doing. Its not fair to you and not fair to the potential employer either.
So, set your sights high and keep on truckin' as they say. The bright spot here is that ... isn't it better to be thought of as OVER qualified...then too dumb to do the effing job???
These interviewers need to get used to 'overqualifieds' applying in this day and age with so many tremendously experienced people out of work due to no fault of their own. Keep your chin up, Jamie. Your job is out there waiting for you to find it. Love, Charlotte

desert dirt diva said...

sorry to hear about the job takes time to get a good job... you'll get one .. chin up....sorry i have'nt been around....take care and good luck

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about it too...but it is only five weeks...still a short span of time in the "finding work" world... you will get that job..i'm sure of it..but timing is sure the big guy upstairs has something planned for you...but perhaps the truck job wasnt meant to be...for now.. keep your chin up... will be praying that something comes your way!

Foster Communications said...

When I lost my last job it took me 8 months to find a new one. I only thought it would take a couple of weeks. In the end, I think I ended up in the right spot. But patience, well that pretty much sucks...
Good luck!

Maria said...

I spend a good part of my job helping employers find employees or choose one from several applicants.

I can tell you what I look for. Keep your hands and feet still when talking. No broad gestures. Maintain eye contact, but don't stare for long periods of time, etc. Smile. Lean forward when you talk, but do not get less then a foot from the interviewer, never violate their personal space.

Be neat and tidy. Keep your voice modulated, clear. Do your homework about the company. Look up everything you can about the company beforehand so that you can say things like, "I see that you won that special service award for donating money to the Special Olympics last February. I really thought that was wonderful..."

Shake hands briskly. If they ask if you have any questions for them, don't suck up by saying things like, "Well, how do you feel about overachievers, because that is me..."

It backfires.

Sorry to be so windy. But, I do know what employers are looking for. Do NOT dumb down your resume, but make it clear that you understand that you will not be compensated as well and that you are willing to accept that., this will sound odd after all that coaching, but be yourself.

Good luck.

Rebecca said...

It is totally not you. And I agree that perhaps a second or third version of your resume might be a good idea. Not dumbed down, just tailored. Maybe do some salary survey research, too. Part of the problem of looking for a job mid career is that you are over qualified for most of what is out there, and people won't hire you for fear that you'll leave. It can take some time...I was out of work for about 4 months, and realize it could have been worse. Maria has some excellent advice. Hell, I think I will print it out and save it!! Biggest thing to is not in any way personal.

Portia said...

I'm sorry you have to go through this frustrating, energy sucking, (could go on but i wont) process. It WILL end. I think showing different sides of yourself depending on the job is a good idea.