Friday, April 18, 2008

THE ego and THE force...

I am really late in posting, aren't I? About a day and a half late, I think. I have been running around like a chicken with no head, and today is not looking any better. And yes, I have seen the proverbial chicken running, my grandmother used to take off their heads on a stump with her foot when I was a tiny, tiny was rather gross....

I had an awesome interview yesterday, and today I'm filled with fear that I won't be offered the position. Yesterday, I felt so positive but overnight I have begun to reason with myself why I wouldn't be their first call. Who knows? Job hunting is a real ego destroyer, and even when I have had no real rejection yet, it stings to think that I would. I suppose we protect ourselves this way, although I really do believe I am a little old to feel this insecure. See what I mean? The position in question was at a place where I could feel very much that I belong, and let me tell you, that's hard to find. So, in my head, that is the one. I do however, have another interview coming up next week that would also be a very fun place to work and the money would be doable. So I can only say, it beats the hell out of me, all of it.

Mark took a job on Wednesday. It is sales, something that he has had no real experience with, and it is a total sink or swim position. I support him completely, I do believe he has it in him to be wonderful at it.

It looks like we will be moving within the next three weeks or so, and how I am going to manage that is completely undecided. Oh yes, I have all the time in the world to pack up a three bedroom, two bath, three garage house, and move it. Just like that. No problem. We will go to an apartment in the city, and frankly, I cannot wait. I just don't want to have to actually DO it. UGH. Help!

Beyond all of this, I have no idea which project I will tackle first today, I have so many to accomplish. I should get myself in gear. The force be with you, or with me, whichever. :)


ac said...

Oh my.... moving to the city in three weeks!!! How exciting! Big changes coming round the bend for you and hubby, my friend. I'll come help you pack. I'm leaving now. ac

Brad said...

Comgrats to Mark. That's great news. I'd be there to help pack in a heartbeat - if only I was closer. The weekend is here and hopefully you can put worry aside for one or two days.

Gypsy said...

I feel the winds of change apartment....a job for Mark (congrats, you"ll be great) and maybe a new job for you... Once that ball starts rolling it rarely stops. I love moving,i love all that fresh start kind of feeling.

You're a very strong, capable woman Jamie and I know and have faith that you will manage everything just fine. The fact that you have all this on your plate and you still managed a visit to are awesome lady.

Smocha said...

Here is a gallon of pity for you.

I feel for ya, having to move so soon.

Perhaps it would be worth a call to "second city movers" .lol

Congrats to Mark and I've got my fingers crossed for you , for the FUN job. Nothing sucks worse than a job ya don't like.:))

Anonymous said...

congrats to Mark and im sure same will be true for you very soon! perhaps first the moving is in order....? you'll be okay always have been....


that's alot on the plate, and in three weeks! Gosh! Have you found the place in the city yet?

Anyways, I'm thinking your big whopper job will be coming soon, just a feeling, or maybe I'm just experiencing after shocks from the earthquake, either'll be a good move for you!

Congratulations to Mark on his new role. I've told many people before that sometimes it's easier to train a nonsalesperson to sell, then it is a conformed salesmen...if he cares and gives 100% which I'm sure he will, he'll be great.

p.s. you have such incredible got the force, baby!! :0)

Mary said...

AHHHH - the winds of change blow strong. New jobs, new home - a whole new start on life. In my book that spells exciting and I know you feel the same way. The actual moving will be a pain in the ass. When it's done and you're settled the constant reminder of the ordeal you just went through won't be "just around the corner" and in your face.

Hope whichever job you accept will prove to be a wonderful new experience and that Mark shines in his new career.

I'm thinking of you and picturing you with a big smile and enjoying only the best of the best.

Rebecca said...

Sheesh. New job. Job search. MOVING. Nope, no stress in your part of the world. NONE. HA!!

I agree that job searching can be a real ego killer. Dang. I am sending up all the positive energy I can muster that you get the job of your choice. Glad you had a good interview. That definitely helps boost an sagging ego :)

Congratulations to Mark on his new gig. I hope he loves it, and rakes in all the dough!