Thursday, March 27, 2008

Before I know it, Saturday's gone

It has been quite a day.

Our tour/interview went well, and really I liked what I saw. I just can't really imagine Mark and I living and working in a retirement home. Really, I can't. The place was beautiful, huge...the colors are incredible, the furnishings and fixtures, the very best quality. I loved the residents that I met, they were all very friendly, but I just can't imagine our life there. The money they pay is an issue, but there would be room to grow, and there are virtually no living expenses. None. No rent, utilities, no cable cost, no food, no gas, no nothing. EVERYTHING is provided. But still, it just isn't what I want, at least I don't think it is. Our animals would most likely be an issue, although that might be workable. Even then, I don't think it's for us. I will leave it on the table and decide if there would be a reason to, but for now, NOT the thing.

Which leaves me with a problem. What the hell is my thing? Mark's thing? This is really beginning to get to me, I am starting to panic. I know, I know, it's only week number two. But it is the end of week number two. How many weeks will it take? I am not good at this, I have never been good at living my life without a clear picture of my future. While that picture has changed over time, I still need to know what I will be doing next year, or the year after. Or at least what I think I will be doing. You know?


See you tomorrow. :)


ac said...

I'm like you. I want to know *everything* in advance. I will foreshadow out to the end of time. HA!

I'm home. It was lovely. I'll be married for four more days then single again... What a crazy life I have!

Don't worry. Something will break loose for you. I just know it. ac

desert dirt diva said...

my mom worked for one of those places..something america.. burns manor or something..she liked it...till management changed and they gave her the boot.. thank god she did not live there...she went home every night... thats something to think about , not to shit in ur cheerios... but what if say ur living there and something happened?? would they help you relocate????well i wish u the best..

Brad said...

Sis, if you feel like you've done due dillegence on the job search thing. Take a step back and focus on the Ice Cream Shop or something else and CUT. YOUR. SELF. SOME. SLACK. !

- what am I gonna do with you ?

XOXO - Brad

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about feeling panicky about the "unknown"'s nice to have a clear roadmap ahead of you...but this time and this event in your life means that the "guy above" is saying to take a breather.... easier said than done....but do take that necessary breather! you deserve it!

Foster Communications said...

Well, at least you guys would feel v. young!

But I'm from the school that if it doesn't feel right then it probably isn't.

SOUL: said...

ya-- i'm with fostah--
follow your gut on this.

it'll happen, when it's sposed to.

Gods' time not ours

that's what they say anyhow.

works for me

but it aint easy waiting.


Cheryl said...

At least you found something that had some appeal, even though it wasn't for you. It was a peek at possibility. Keep looking. Don't settle, if you can. We're looking for happier here.

Rebecca said...

Wow. That would be a completely different life. I can see why it would and why it wouldn't appeal. I think, for me, there would be something deeply satisfying to administer to the elderly. But I don't know that I'd want to LIVE it. Give your self a break for a day or two, pick up the Sunday paper, and start again. Something'll turn up. Oh, and what about this ice cream shop? Is it yours? can you make a living off of that? I confess I don't know the full story here...