Sunday, March 30, 2008

But it's Sunday now, and I guess that I'm alright.

Short, sweet and to the point. That's me, at least today...

Although, not too many have ever called me sweet.

I am having my mom and stepdad and Craig over for dinner, which is actually lunch, so I have to get busy in the kitchen.

I'm tired, we were out too late, well not really, I was up too late. Steph, my youngest's girlfriend was here, she stayed in the spare room while she is in town helping her sister with her new twins. So, we talked a little while. I love that girl.

Got out of the house for awhile last night, but Mark and I really aren't capable of having too much of a good time, too much to worry about right now. It sucks. He is not a moody person, but recently, he really is. And while I understand it, it is becoming a real problem. Uncertainty about the future will drive you to drink. Well, it will drive me to drink, not so much him. He just cannot let loose and forget it all, not even for a little while. We have been together each and every minute of the day for quite a while now...ugh.

I'm off to the kitchen. My mom has requested another cheesecake, that is her favorite. I made her one last weekend, and she ate all of it, or all of what was left, all by herself. I don't mind making them, hell, I'll make her a dozen, that will surely put some weight back on her.

And my race is back on far, I'm batting zero at getting to see them, seems there is always a crises on Sunday...but today I will watch, and I don't care if it harelips the Governor.

Ta ta.

I leave you with a new photo of CrazyDog. She needs a haircut, eh?


Cheryl said...

Morning Jamie,

Sunday looms, and I'm alone and it's after 9:00 and I feel out of sorts without a plan. Funny, huh?

I'm glad you got to spend time with Steph and got out of the house. A change of routine is always good. Enjoy your day with family. I'm staying away from cheesecake!

abbagirl74 said...

Hey there Jamie! Hope you have a great time with your family today!

The Real Mother Hen said...

That dog looks like a lion :)

Hhmmm... cheesecake, I'd love to have some too :) hope you have a good time with your family today :)

Mary said...

I'm cooking simple today and sitting in front of the TV for the race. NASCAR is turning into a bunch of little boys in a sandbox fighting over a shovel full of sand. Poor Jack R. has his panites in a wad; Michael is wide eyed and doesn't understand why; Jeff G. thinks is funny. I'm sure Tony will be in the sandbox before the day is over. I LOVE the races and this will be one of my favorites.

fiwa said...

Crazydog looks like a lion! :)

It's hard to be with your spouse 24/7. I get along great with my husband, but we'd be at each other's throats if we were together that much. Specially with the kind of stress you are under.

I hope you enjoy the day with your mom.


SOUL: said...

i say go fishin !
i know i know-- just sayin.

anyhow-- eat some chez-cake for me!!!

enjoy your day with races and mom--and hubby too--
just look for the humor in the mess of it all--

this too shall pass eh?


catcha latah-

SOUL: said...

ps-- you aren't short either-- so that only leaves - "to the point"...

Smocha said...

I feel ya' ,My husband is like that too when he's stressed. it can really ruin the environment , if ya know what I mean. lol

I just love your dog. She's sooo adorable.

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

Foster Communications said...

I made cheesecake for my family on Easter. It didn't last long either. :)
You know if ever a person deserved a great vacation, it's you. Just sayin'

Kelly Jene said...

That puppy is tooooo cute! I hope tomorrow is a better day.

desert dirt diva said...


desert dirt diva said...


SOUL: said...

hairlips the governor :))
somehow i missed that yesterday, hmm.
for some reason it makes me laugh every time you say it.


ps-- where are you?

Maria said...

It occurred to me as I was reading your post how happy I am to see you posting about cooking and riding your bike again. Shit like that. I remember not so long ago when you were stuck on that sofa all day long.

I used to just love cheesecake. Now, I don't know...I must be getting old. It just seems so heavy to me. I take three bites and I am full.


Crazy Dog I would babysit for in a heartbeat!!

cheesecake though isn't something I've ever liked, I wish I would because the flaky bottom is so good!

Anyways, have a good monday!!

Portia said...

cute picture! sounds like you make a killer cheesecake, YUMM:)