Monday, March 31, 2008

Stormy morning

I was woke up this morning by thunder...I love a good storm, and it has been months since I have experienced one. I am so grateful that the precipitation is falling in the form of rain, to the north of us, folks are being hit with yet another snowstorm.

I am late arriving again, once I manage to get to sleep, I am really late waking up. No worries I guess, it isn't like I have anywhere to rush off to. I do have plenty to accomplish today, looking for work really is a time consuming ordeal. Plus, there are still tax forms that need to be submitted, and blah, blah, blah. Tomorrow, I have to start going to the Ice Cream Store, we officially open on Thursday, although the hours will be short for this first month.

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day, my mom was doing okay--she managed to stay for about two hours, and she really did eat!

I got to see the race, oh how I love NASCAR. I love the drama, the nit picking, the crap, I love it all. I just love racing of all kinds, this year, I hope to have the time to get to the local track, it really has been too long. We used to go faithfully every Saturday night to the sprint car races, but then Janelle married a driver, and of course, I loved him like my own...and I couldn't watch him race. I was very surprised at my own reaction, but it scared me to death. I have had lots of racing friends and acquaintances, hell, I ran a race track for two years, but I found that I couldn't watch anyone I care about race. Thank God my own sons never wanted to be involved. I even grew up with a father that raced every kind of moving machine...who knows why I would be like that? But the SIL in question is in the picture no more, and he has now moved away, so I really would like to get involved in it again.

Oh well - enough rambling. Have a very happy Monday.







btw: Nascar is something my little nephew is a big fan of...matter of fact, we call his littlest brother, RICKIE BOBBIE...there's something about the noise and intensity of the revving...I've only been to stockcar rac-crashes when I was little..the Race track that was my business account I only was at before the races, never during..THe JOliet Racetrack in Illinois..or the Joliet SPEEDWAY I guess is the right name now. :)

Anyhow, two for monday...back to back?>

Soul, don't hate me! :) ;lol...

Cheryl said...

I have to watch a race with a fan sometime so I can 'get it.' I did watch baseball, so that's something.

Happy Monday, if there is such a thing. It's gray here but not stormy.

SOUL: said...

hey crusteee---
you are first-- but technically-- i was first today-- just not this post :))
it's all good :))

jamie-- howya doin pal?
yesterday sounds like a well deserved good day--and that makes me happy for you!

then you have the ICS to look forward to-- even if it isn't the light of your life-- it's something to get up and out for -- right? i think you'll enjoy it much more than the past few weeks.


happy monday---
im happy to hear you aren't gettin snow! ugh.

Gypsy said...

We are getting some beautiful Autumn days at LONG LAST. Sunny and mild during the day and cool and crisp at night. Just how I like it.

Just wanted to stop by and see how you're going. All is well in Gypsy land and I am enjoying the hiatus very much. How did I ever find time to blog so much.....?

ac said...

I like thunder too... As long as I'm not standing under a metal building or flying a kite.

Glad you had a good day with your mom. ac

fiwa said...

I love a good thunderstorm. Much better than snow!

Glad to hear your mom is eating better!

Rebecca said...

I don't believe I could watch someone I care about race either. Hell, I can't watch my kid swim in the ocean...something I take for granted for me, as I've been doing it my whole life, but I am CONVINCED that mean bitch will snatch and drown my baby. COMPLETELY irrational. Daddy has to take him in. My heart would be in my throat.

Oh, and I too LOVE thunderstorms. I like to sit far back from a big window and watch the lightening strikes. Used to do that with Chris so that he wouldn't be scared of thunder like I was.

Good luck down at the store, and happy Monday :)

Kelly Jene said...

I never did get in to Nascar. My dad sure did though, so we watched it a lot growing up.

I hope you have a good day!

Anonymous said...

glad to see that things in your world are at least peaceful this morning...your mom is better...great!
i like watching races too..but yeah...if family were involved...that might be a different story!

Mary said...

At our house NASCAR and golf rule. Talk about diversity! Both Harry and I are long time fans and remember so many of the NASCAR old timers.

Glad your Mom was able to visit and enjoy a meal with you. Are they still expecting to perform the surgery when she's strong enough?

Good luck with the job hunting. I know the perfect placement is just around the corner.

Golden To Silver Val said...

We got the thunder tonight for a while. I loved it...I wanted to run in and lay down for a nap. It will just lull me to long as there isn't any dangerously close lightning or high winds that is.
I think Spring has finally arrived. I am looking forward to feeling so much peppier when I can smell that spring air!!
Take care of YOU Jamie. Write me sometime.

Foster Communications said...

Yes, I would have rather had rain! We got snow! LOTSA SNOW!!! Crazy amounts of snow.

Portia said...

the rain there sounds nice, like the winter might finally be letting up. i'm so glad for you.
i love LIVE races, but it's another story altogether when your loved one is out there. lord help me.
happy to hear you got to spend some time with your mom- and she ate so well:)