Friday, March 28, 2008

Wimpy wimpy wimpy

I'm getting wimpy in my old age.

I bought the new coffee, Folgers Black Silk. It has a Starbucks kind of taste to it, and I really, really do like it. But I think I would like it better with a little milk or cream. Just a few years ago, I would never have even considered "ruining" a cup of good coffee with cream. And that's just another bit of proof that I am getting old.

Speaking of products that we like or don't, what things can you not live without? Or, what things do you hate...

I must have:

Arm and Hammer toothpaste, none of that sweet crap for me.

My Mary Kay skin care...the whole line. I have tried others many times, none of them measure up. NONE of them.

Hard back books. No paperbacks. (Except in a very few cases). They have to be new. I have weird phobia's about this.

Slimy lip gloss, although about any brand will do. I am addicted.

Altoids by the bucket. Wintergreen, although I have been known to get by with Peppermint.

Cross training shoes, Nike or Skechers, preferably.

Comfy, thick socks for being at home.

Soft blankets, even in the summer, I want to be covered up...with the ac blasting, of course.

In my car, the heated seats are on full blast, no matter what time of year.

Medicine-y mouthwash.

Men's deodorant. Women's is just too flowery.

I have issues with perfume's and soaps that smell too much. Most things like this make me the only cologne that I can stand is Curve and Skin. Both are cheap...a plus to me. In fact, Skin is so cheap...I can just about bathe in it.

My jewelry. I am not dressed until I have on all five rings, a bracelet and a necklace. I never take out my earrings. I also never change them...although they do get sort of grody, and I take them out to clean them, occasionally. I do not wear the other jewelry at home though, not ever. When I am here, it's all put away.

Yes, I know, my habits are odd. But I'll be you all have some odd ones, too. Want to share?

Have a really good Friday.



LastStand said...

I do want to share but it will have to wait for the workday to end.

LastStand said...
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Cheryl said...

Great idea for a post. I'll have to think about this....

Anonymous said...

hmmm... all i can think of right now is my ipod...if i ONLY have happy... though my answer might be different tomorrow... i'll be back....

bonnie said...

This was such a fun post. Are you really asking? OK. I can't live without: the internet and my laptop; my Esté Lauder facial products (My moisturizer costs $158 for a 6 month pot) Sick!; my birdfeeders; makeup; good wine (bad habit); my featherbed (after sleeping at a Westin Hotel) and four soft pillows; my pets; my bicycles (even if I miss a season or two of riding); neck turtles in the winter; my hands and my legs (without them I would die, they are my tools), errands (I love to get out for mundane things). thanks for asking. what fun!


I know what you mean about the woman deo versus men's..that's why I'd rather wear mens cologne..that dark woodsey smell is just divine!!

It's friday now!

I think you just created a new meme..mind if I hijack it?


Rebecca said...

Thank you for my blog idea for today :) You're sounding more upbeat, though, and that make me smile the most!

Golden To Silver Val said...

What a fun post! I'll have to think about some of it...but right off the makeup. I used Mary Kay for YEARS and YEARS..but about 5 yrs ago I found another product I do like better...or I should say my SKIN likes it better. DHC. You use Olive Oil to cleanse and it makes your face feel SOOOOO soft and also removes patches of dry skin that I seem to have at this age. I get it online from California. Not sure if its available in stores in other states.
I don't wear a lot of jewelry either, just a couple rings and my earrings constantly...and they have to be gold or else my ears will get sore.
I only use Paul Mitchell hair spray. Others make my hair feel dirty and sticky.
I love Designer Perfume and have several bottles from different names. I use them randomly ....depending on my mood.
Books MUST be hardcover. I LOVE new ones but can't always afford them so I'll settle for a used one IF its in good condition. I absolutely LOVE the smell of new books and will bury my face in a book often just for that purpose. After I'm finished, its hard for me to get rid of the book. I have books all over the place. Matter of fact, I love paper products and office supplies of all kinds. (weird, I know)
I wash my hands often and even carry stuff in my purse for no water cleanup.
I loved to be covered up too Jamie. The softer the blanket the better.
I'm not a finicky housekeeper but I can't stand a mess that has my stuff away from its usual place (like it you're painting or remodeling or something). I'm not a big fan of change anyway.

fiwa said...

That coffee sounds soooo good! I've had to stop drinking it because it gives me major heartburn, but I miss it so much. Nothing else is quite as comforting as a cup of coffee made just the way you like it.

I really enjoyed reading your post, I think these kinds of things are fun to read.

Let's see, things I can't do without...

My garden
Fleece pullovers
My sneakers
Cordouroy jeans
Lippy - I'm down with that
Books available at all times, because you never know when you're going to get stuck somewhere and be bored.
My bed - I have a knockoff sleep number, and I am seriously in love with that thing.

I hope the job interviewing gets easier. I think when the right thing comes along, you will know it.

love & hugs,

Brad said...

I'm a no-scent guy - all I wanna smell like is soap - good old ivory soap.

I can't live with out good bread, my fav is from the Grand Central Bakery here in Seattle. and paired with good soup.

My Bear & Miss Lilly & Partner too

I have a sleep number bed to- the only issue is that I'd prefer to be a 60 but partner is a 25. It's not fun falling off 'the ledge' at night so we had to compromise.

Ginni D's got me hooked on Shea butter and for the first time in my life I'm taking care of my skin.

My home w/ no neighbors and land for the critters to run.

My Blog Buddies -

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I am not capable of wearing shoes in the house - it's flip flops or nothing. as far as products - the last lip gloss I spent 9 bucks on stuck my lips together. Yuck. I spend tons of money on special bird food that keeps the squirrels away and I need a dog in the house to talk to at all times.

Suzie said...

things i can't live without....

my bike Roo

White Diamonds

tequila in the hot tub

a good wetsuit for a long swim in the cold gulf of mexico

a good massage

Kelly Jene said...

Oooh, good post idea! I'll be thinking on this!

Kelly Jene said...

Oh, and my book is paper back. You can send it back to me if you want. ;)

Summer said...

Hey Girl!

Me? I have to have a watch, earrings and Maybelline mascara. I can't live without flip flops or perfume, preferably 5th Avenue. Colgate only. Dasani or green tea. I'm down to one alcoholic drink I can stand and that's a v&t. My books have to feel good in my hands, that's how I know I'll like them. The men in my life have to be a little rough on the outside. I have to have a cat to annoy me. I have to dance at least once a day and most days it's always by myself. The smell of dirt and lumber is a turn on. Ha. And having good friends like you bring a huge smile to my face.

abbagirl74 said...

Let's see...
- I have to wear my watch everywhere, but take it off when I am at home.
- I leave my earrings in as well.
- I have to have coffee in the morning or I am a bear.
- I have to have cream and sweet-n-low with my coffee also.
- I bullet point things like this.

Raine said...

I cant use the restroom without a book. I mean I can but I will run around the house holding it until I find my book. I must have books. Reading is just as important as breathing. Thick blankets and cold air.Diet pepsi. I must have pasta at least once a week or I get DT's. Ivory soap.

evalinn said...

I must have a good lip balm and a good moisturizer, my skin is too dry. Other than that I think I can be flexible...I´m a restless soul!

SOUL: said...

how cool-- what made ya think to do this? perhaps the time off is becoming a good thing for you afterall?

anyhow--- my list--

i must write-- or die-- doesn't matter what it is-- i just have to write something. a poem.. or at least an attempt at one.
or at minimum .. my list of things to do for the day.-- a grocery list--
anything. i just MUST write.

i must-- BLOG--- i have to at least post- and read. i have had a lot going on, and replying has become a chore--but i try-- I beg forgiveness from all... but i think i am addicted to my blog peeps.

i must have a feather pillow! nothing else feels right. and i can't sleep. sometimes if we travel or sleep away from home - we take our own pillows with us-- just in case.

i have to wear a watch! it's a phobia for me to be late-- anywhere. i just cannot be late.. ever. i used to never ever take my watch off.. but for some reason, i take it off to sleep now. not sure why. just do.

i would literally die of thirst before drinking anything with aspertame/ nutrasweet in it--- it makes me puke!

i love animals-- and ours are spoiled as much-or more than any child would be. a bit mental? maybe. but they're our kids.

oh WOW----- i almost forgot FISHING!!!!
i have to FISH!
it's my passion. sun and fish. it feeds my soul.

and hate to get deep here-- but GOD and my family.
i would die without either.

so-- thanks for the thought provoking post pal--
it gave me a headache to make me THINK so early.

i'll getcha back tho-

happy satahday!

Maria said...

Oh, good lord yes. Bing and I are so set in our ways that it is almost stupid.

She HAS to have Crest toothpaste. HAS TO HAVE IT.

I HAVE to HAVE my goat's milk body wash and shampoo. I don't care that it costs ten bucks for one bottle, I HAVE to have it...

And I'm with you on coffee with cream. I used to drink mine straight up but now I doctor it a bit.

Portia said...

i LOVE this post!
and i'm with you on the toothpaste and deodorant.

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