Saturday, March 08, 2008


Going to Kansas City to pick up the Janelle. She is finally coming back home today.

Eating chocolate stars for breakfast. I'm gonna weigh a ton point four in a week or two.

Tired beyond my wildest dreams this morning, yes we were out until after one am, but I'm not talking about that kind of tired. Bone weary, I don't think I can walk across the floor tired is what I mean.

Hate my job, beginning to dream of the day I don't have to walk back in that place. Amazed at how quickly life can change your feelings.

SO damned tired of snow, winter, cold, brown and ugly. Seriously feel like it's a plot against me.
Just about can't take any more.

Hope you all are doing well this Saturday.



Gypsy said...

Ok this is my 2nd attempt.

I'm sure picking up the Janelle will lift your spirits and getting out of that hell hole will be the icing on the cake.

It's already almost Sunday here but you enjoy the rest of the weekend and put work out of your mind as much as you can.

Yay me, I'm first if blogger lets me publish this time.

Mary said...

Blogger isn't user friendly this morning.

Glad Janelle is getting home. You two seem to support each other. Forget work - as much as you can - and enjoy catching up on all the news with Janelle.

Cheryl said...

I'm happy to be inside and working today. Rain, fog and gray outside the window.

You're a short-timer at work. That misery will soon be in your past. Finally.

I hope the trip to pick up 'the Janelle' is a good one. Happy Saturday to you!

SOUL: said...

gypsy--- you beat me again !!

i'm just gonna have to quit tryin.. for a while-- then i'll surprise all of you !!


hiya pal!

i bet you are happy to have a entire weekend OFF-- you need to get lots of chocolate and beer !!
yes that sounds kinda gross together doesn't it...
how bout cheesecake, and beer??
hmmm.. i never combined the two-- not sure i wanna try ... you can tell me how it goes :))

hope your reunion with yo child goes well.

want me to send you mine??? :))

anyhow-- i'm distracted if you can't tell-- i'm eavesdropping on the kids phone call.. sounds like she just invited like three people to the mall...she already has one here WTH??? and she wont answer when i ask her WTH... soooo
WTF !!!


fiwa said...

It's all going to happen at once, your job will end and spring will arrive and you're going to feel so much better!

I'm glad (your friend?) Janelle is coming back, it sounds like that will help lift your spirits too.

Take care of you - and indulge in a few chocolate stars if that's what you need.


Kelly Jene said...

I hope you have a lovely reunion with your sweet daughter. Your post almost sounded like a poem.

I hope a time of rest and rejuvenation comes for you soon. Hugs to you and yours.

SOUL: said...

i TOLD you it sounded like a poem.....

bonnie said...

I think a vacation is in order. You have any time coming?

Portia said...

i hope your bones got some rest.
chocolate stars sound good... gonna have to find me some of those:)