Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Something to smile about

Is anyone other than me watching the political circus we have going on in this country with such interest? I have always been very political minded and very interested in all of it, but it seems that this major election has been extrememly surprising and hard to predict the outcome, unlike so many others I have been a witness to. I have listened to many of the television "experts" come up wrong time and again when trying to predict the winner of each primary election. And it makes me smile. So many are so sure of themselves, and so sure of their political parties, only to find that the human beings they think are so predictable, aren't.

I don't believe in discussing politics among friends, much like my feelings about religion, both tend to leave a person friendless. The whole freedom of religion, freedom to choose our leaders is what this country was founded on, you shouldn't have to explain your reasons any more than I should. If you believe in God, that works for me,...if you are a democrat or republican is not my business, just like your business is not how I vote.

I weigh what's important to me against the options available, politically. Frequently, the choices available don't leave me much room for choice, and more than once, I have found my vote to be uninspired and done only by a sense of responsibility, as for me - the choices are bad or worse.

This year, this election - if nothing else, I am surprised by the amount of passion many folks feel about the candidates, and I am encouraged by the number of young people being involved. I don't care who the youngest generation votes for, I am just happy that finally, they care. I am not interested in ambivalence, I don't want to hear the excuses that I have heard over the years - "why should I vote, voting has nothing to do with the process, really", or my personal favorite, "it's only one vote, it couldn't really make a difference". I am talking about many, many young people here - my own adult children included. You can believe that my kids were not raised that way, I have been rather Hitler-like in drilling into their heads that "yes, it is only one vote. But one vote can change the course of history, and it's not just their right, it's their OBLIGATION to mark their x, or pull the lever. Period." And still, no real feelings involved, and they have not voted sometimes, and I have let them know that I was disappointed in their lack of interest in the one thing that this country has been mighty enough to hold onto...the right to choose their leaders. I have never cared WHO they voted for, that is entirely their business, only that they vote. But I have noticed, with pride actually, that mine are coming around, forming opinions, getting the fact that if THEY don't stand up and be counted then there is no room for complaints, and in the past election, they voted. And they let me know they did. And I felt proud - that perhaps they have heard what I have had to say over the years.

But I also notice a trend, not just in my own, but in young people everywhere. They are tired of the status quo, they are tired of the older generations running the show. And they should be - because this country belongs to the young. I have had fear recently that the future of this country was in for drastic changes, merely due to the lack of interest in the young. But I am beginning to think that we may be saved, that the youngest generation is finally understanding that the work is up to them. And that makes me happy. :)


Gypsy said...

Well Jamie, I'm just glad you are smiling because that's what makes me happy. Have a Happy Wednesday and keep that mouth turned up at the corners. Just beautiful :)

Foster Communications said...

Something about the election process, candidates, voting, there is so much possibility in it all. Hope. Change. Idealism. No matter the party, it's nice to see that in the air.

SOUL: said...

ahhh maaaan.
gypsy, that's not right.
ok, i guess maybe i need to quit slackin. not your fault i'm a laze. :))


you're right-- young people are very interested in this particular election-- and i really don't know why-- or what is different. i know that there has been a lot of discussion in school-- more it seems this year than other election years-- or maybe it's just the grade level soulkid is in?? anyhow-- she is more interested in the process-- and who will be elected as well.
in fact-- she has a favorite-- whom she follows online etc... and has asked her dad and i both-- that if we choose not to vote-- (??)) -- that we each vote for HER choice-- in honor of her vote, that she is too young to cast.

i too find pride in that. it took me many many more years than 13-- almost 14.. to even THINK about who i cared was president-- much less consider voting.

maybe she's coming around.???

have a happy day today my friend. that is an order ya know.


SOUL: said...

oh jess.. that's just not right--
i'm settin my alarm earlier tomorrow... not that it matters.. but y'all know-- i'm sposed to be first! i was second and jess slid in. ugh.

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I have never in all my short years of being eligible to vote paid as much attention to as I have with these primaries...
must be for so many reasons..Jessica said it the best in regards to change. :)

I'm happy to see that you're up and feeling good..smiling and with a bit of spicy sassofrass...

Happy Hump day, too bad Vday wasn't today instead of tomorrow..


abbagirl74 said...

Just catching up. Missed you while I was busy at work. I look forward to my daily readings of your amazing family and life.

Rebecca said...

It is really awesome that so many more people are feeling engaged in the election process this time around. I think this year it seems more active because there is no incumbent to try to unseat. And really the only holdover from a previous campaign is McCain. New blood...nothing more refreshing!

Our franchise, our vote, should be held sacred. We are very vocal about it at home, so that our son is as educated as possible on its importance. A quote from one of my husband's favorite movies, An American President, "America is advanced citizenship." Americans have been too complacent for too long. Glad to see that change.

And glad to see your mood lighten a bit, too. Thank you for your kind words in my part of the blog world :)