Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just call me Bonnie..

I DID go shopping yesterday, and I survived! If any of you have been reading my blog very long, you already know that I HATE to shop, and rarely, RARELY do. Yesterday, I went SHOPPING with my daughter, to buy her some new things before she leaves for North Carolina. And I made it! teehee

It was a good day, the roads and highways were still pretty awful, but I just stuck my nose farther into my book and let her drive, all my kids are good, safe drivers, and that's saying alot, I don't say that about many. But I think it's because I taught them well (and yes, I know that sounds bad but I mean it)...and although they have all had their issues in the car, (like going too fast) I would ride across the country with any of them.

She got several new things, I am not one to pay much attention, I just pay. Her outlook is very good for the situation, and I am proud of her.

I actually bought a few things for me at Sephora, a store I had never been in, but have shopped at online many times. While I was there, I had my hands full of small make-upy type things and my damned phone kept ringing, either my boss or my employees...lol, I would talk first to him and explain things and then, instead of him telling the employees what I said, he would have them call me...but anyway, I had my hands full, and I was struggling with my phone. I didn't realize I was a thief until we were well into the drive home, as I found a STOLEN eye liner pencil in my purse...that was a shock! I considered driving back to pay for it, but the weather was so crappy that I decided that they surely overcharged for something I actually paid for by $4, and that was that. Of course, Janelle is making me out to be half of the Bonnie and Clyde duo now, but whatever.

Another day, back to work, and that's probably a good thing. Yesterday was spent digging out from the lastest storm, so I didn't miss much, but I do have work stacking up - and it feels like it is literally stacking up on my head, so I have got to get it under control again. Janelle leaves for NC in about an hour, I will miss her, but her being gone will be helpful to me in getting caught up, I have had my attentions turned to other things for the past weeks. I think she IS ready to take off for awhile, I have worried that she will be too far away from me if she needed me, but I really do see good progress in her, and this vacation will do her good. She is going to look for work while she is there, she is considering moving...I'm good with all of it, if she is ready. All of my kids are homebodies to a degree, they don't need to live with me, but they do need me nearby. The two older ones have moved quite far away, only to understand that family is more important than they thought, so they returned to the area. I support ALL of them leaving this area, none of them like the weather, the opportunities are somewhat stunted, but I guess roots are hard to walk away from. I would like to leave this area myself, but I am not able to as long as my mother is here. Someday maybe.

Along the same lines, my boss and buddy, asked yesterday why I didn't just move to Florida when he does. He listed off the reasons I should, number one being that I had just been bitching about the snow. I was surprised and told him so. I asked if he was going to miss me, and he replied that he seriously didn't know what he would do without me. That's about as good as it gets from him...

I hope you all have a great day - :)


bonnie said...

Phew, your title had me nervous for a minute. Maryland is pretty mild. You could move here and hang out with me and Ladeda Cheryl. Or you could move to Seattle and hang out with all the other bloggers in the world. Regardless, I like making friends too.

SOUL: said...

oh now THAT is wrong--- i miss FIRST, to a newbie? wrong, i say.

HI bONNIE! (you'll "get it soon" :))

anyhow-- jamie-- i'm glad you ahd a good day with J yesterday-- ya thief! i hope she razzes you for the rest of your days about that! and she will you know. every holiday, that make up story will come up-- guess what mom did...
that's just funny.
but i wouldn't have gone back either. so, oh well.

and yep-- surprising about bossman--
but ya know-- florida happens to be about the ONLY place i would consider moving-- IF i ever did move from here-- hmmmm....
and-- hubby could maybe get a job with his company there-- somethin to think about--

anyways-- i hope J has a safe trip-- do check in and let us know she made it-- i am sure you told her to call when she got there? yes?

i hope you have a great day today-- i'm so sick of that word-- where IS my thesaurus??

stay warm.. don't worry-- and don't work too hard.



abbagirl74 said...

Hey girl! I laughed at the whole eyeliner thing. I have done that once before, but with a candy bar. I just put it in my purse right in front of the cashier without thinking anything of it. When she asked me about it, I simply replied, "Oh, you didn't get that?"

Gypsy said...

The shoplifting incident made me laugh. I have done this so many times, once with a great big picture tucked under my arm for all the world to see. I walked out so nonchalantly no-one would have thought a thing of it. I just forgot it was there because I had been carrying it around so long looking for something else.

It just goes to show that if you don't look guilty no-one thinks you are.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,one eyeliner pencil - I think
I read that is how it started with
Winona Ryder!!! I am here for you


The reasons NOT To live in Florida:


North Carolina is actually a beautiful place to live. If we didn't have family here, we'd move there (pending career move of course) in a heart beat. I had mentioned over at Janelle's blog that I have a friend that lives in Greensboro, and a cousin in WinstonSalem, and it is a beautiful lush green place with weather this week that will make you sigh with relief for your daughter.

Have you used the eyeliner yet, Bonnie? :) HAHA
Have a great day!

simonsays said...

OMG! Is that really and truly my lurker-sister commenting? Say it's so!!!!!!

Mary said...

The change will be good for J. I don't think I'd want to move to Florida but the costal Carolinas are nice. My Dad had a place on Pawley's Island many, many years ago (when I was young) and time spent there was close to heaven. Of course, Pawley's is a completely different place now, and Myrtle Beach is overgrown.

It's nice to hear someone say that they don't know what they'll do without you. Change is really tough to deal with, isn't it?

ac said...

You should move to Northwest Floreeduh. It's lovely. It's clean. It's warm. It's not overly congested like in the south. It's warm. We have beautiful beaches. It's warm. Low taxes. No state income tax. It's warm. HA! Lots of cool stuff to do.

Portia said...

I haven't brought it up yet, besides it just another in a long line of new life plans we make, but my husband and I are now planning on going to Florida. He seems to think we will make it down there this summer, but I am hoping at least by the end of the year. It would be cool to see you there!
So I know you've said before that your boss is an alright guy, but it's really nice to hear that he expressed how important you are to him. I believe he will not know what to do without you!

Brad said...

My thermometer was reading 50* here in Seattle late yesterday afternoon - Not bad for Feb. just saying...And that sounds like a pretty decent compliment to my ears. Hope your having a good day.

Portia said...

spreading the love!

Foster Communications said...

Hey, at least that eyeliner didn't have a sensor on it that made an alarm go off when you left the store. That would surely turn you off shopping!

Rebecca said...

Holy molie, Jamie. Can't believe you pocketed an eye pencil...THAT's funny! J was hinting on her blog that you might need some liquid encouragement to better stomach the shopping experience...did you indulge? I mean, that could explain the phone/eye pencil mix up, lol. Glad you had a good time before she left. And I really hope the change will do you both some good. And while I understand coveting warmer climes in February, I am sure she will not want to be THAT far from you.


The Real Mother Hen said...

LOL at Crusty!

Well, I'll move to Florida in a heartbeat though :)

Hold on a second, the Seattle idea works for me too, because I live in Oregon! Seriously if you move near here, I'll cook for you :)

Anonymous said...

I think Florida is great! (minus Crustys list...) actually my niece is in miami...looks like an awesome place to be... and if you watch csi miami...well... but you wont have to run into david carusso all the time tho!

Amanda said...

I hate it when they tell me "Well, why don't you move?" If we could we surely would have done it by now. ;)

Glad you survived shopping though. Ugh, I really should go too.