Monday, January 14, 2008

A severe case of IDGASA

It's another Monday, they DO keep coming at us, don't they? I did work yesterday, for about five hours and returned to a wonderful dinner made by my daughter! That was the sweetest thing ever, btw. No one ever cooks for me, and I was grateful-more than you know. :)

I think I have developed a case of ADD. Is that possible in an old woman like myself? Or perhaps it's a case of IDGASA. ( I don't give a shit anymore). That's probably more likely. I'm having one hell of a time getting my work done-and honestly, I'm trying, but to do this thing, I have to do that thing, but to do that thing, I have to find this thing...geez...I don't recall it ever being this difficult in the past, and knowing that I will not be there much longer has to have something to do with it.

D has been here all weekend, it has been nice. The kitties like having their first mommy around as well.

"Manic Monday" is stuck in my head this morning. Coincidence? Probably not.

I think I shall get off my rear end and take it to work. There is no point in me sitting here for a few more hours when I could be there working. If I miss your page this morning, I apologize, I will catch up. I'm going to work. Later.


Summer said...

Evil laugh...IDGASA. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

oh doesnt that sound familiar.. i probably have had that forever.. LOL...good for D... bet she's a good cook..what she make ya?

SOUL: said...

i like that "IDGASA"

i also like that D cooked dinner.... that was really sweet of her. must be somethin in the air--- my kid was awful sweet to me last night too. hmmmm. have they been talkin to each other???? :))

yep- i wanna know too-- just what does somebody cook for you??? was it .. ummm... chicken?? :))

i really think STEAK is the miracle meat. after i had that steak the other night--
i began to think it is the anti depressant to end all anti depressants!!! in fact, i just may have another soon. :))

see what happens when you mention FOOD around me???

ok anyhow-- i agree, i think the momentum problem does have a lot to do with the job ending soon... but what will they do-- fire you? don't kill yourself over this.. just do what you can, and that's all you can do. k?

have a good day.


Okay, I thought something was causing you indigestion..
I like that IDGASA ...very very freaking funny!!

Good for your daughter and good for you..sounds like you had a taste of SOul food! :)

Have a great Monday Jaime!!

Mary said...

My last month at work (before I retired) I had a bad case of IDGASA. I just didn't want to be there. Everything became harder and harder until I just wanted to scream.

Hang in there - don't worry about work - just take care of yourself.

D was very thoughtful to had dinner ready for you. I know it made you proud of her - as you should be.

Mary said...

Not enough coffee yet. have dinner ready NOT had dinner ready. Sorry

Gypsy said...

I feel a bit more worried about you than usual today Jamie....I'm wondering why. You sound like you are getting a bit down and I know you're not giving up but it feels like you are struggling with the fight. Who could blame you if you are. It's hard to keep motivated to get your work done if you know that soon it won't be your job anymore. Is that definite? Keep smiling Jamie even if its through gritted teeth. Just keep smiling.

abbagirl74 said...

I thought of you while I gambled for the first time on penny slots this weekend. I only won $25, but only put in $5.

Hope you are doing well.

Beth said...

...."just another manic monday"....thanks alot Jaime!!

ac said...

Hope your Monday was better than you thought it would be.

Monday Monday Ba Da Ba Da Da Da

Can't trust that day!

Kelly Jene said...

I loved the title and knew just about the whole meaning.

Manic Monday... do you mean the song by the Bangles? Good golly, I haven't heard that song in AGES. I loved the Bangles when I was younger!

I do hope your week improves and this yucky Monday can be forgotten.

Portia said...

Your titles are really speaking to me today... believe me, I won't forget IDGASA anytime soon! I know there's a lot of truth in it.
So it looks like Monday was a rough one all round. I'm glad it's over.
I'm so glad you had D around for the weekend, and she even treated you to dinner! How awesome:) I hope she is feeling alright, I know these 9 months can be long and...I'll just say memorable:)
The best to you, D, H, and the rest of the clan as we all move past Monday!