Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A day of indecision, and not knowing any damned thing

Because I am up to my neck in numbers, and that would be the neck that is killing me by the way, I thought I would take a quick break from working and write a quick post. I am working from home today, and wouldn't it just figure, that would be THE day that the owner would be in a meeting with new buyer/accountant, and need every freaking number and figure that I DON'T have here with me? Talk about a little bit of a confusing morning...he is at the accountants office, I am at home, and everything I need is in my office at the dealership. So that begins a morning full of phone calls, from him to me, and me to my assistant. Then my assistant to me, and me back to him. Holy crap. "No, I don't know the exact number for this or remember the exact date on that. No, I can't print that schedule here, but I will print it from here and it will print there and my assistant can call with the numbers." Ack...there was no planning here, or I would have been in my office, hell-he would have been armed with the numbers had I known he was going. He tells me he didn't know, either. A surprise meeting? What a surprise! Damn, as much as I don't want it to, apparently this is really happening. It seems that owner would rather bury his head in this whole deal, too. Interesting, to say the least...but that often is how he deals with things, big things, scary things...and then it all magically works out for him. I hope for that outcome for me, too. I suppose that's enough about all of that.

It's snowing/no raining/no icing/no snowing today. Apparently, the jury is out on the type of precipitation we are getting right now...just yesterday it was more than fifty degrees. Damn, I liked that better.

I like working from here, it's quieter, at least it is when the phone isn't ringing every three minutes. The Kitty's like to walk in front of my computer though, and they don't understand that they can't have all my attention. CrazyDog has been pretty quiet, though. She asked to go out a time or two but once I told her it was raining, she decided that she wasn't getting wet and laid down.

I'm getting tired already...when will I be back to a normal workday?

Have a good rest of Tuesday friends! Later.


ac said...

I've had days when I didn't know a damned thing. I guess we just gotta roll with it when it gets like that... It's 72 degrees here today. My doors and windows are wide open. Come to Floreeduh where it's warm.

Gypsy said...

Morning Jamie, Does this mean that your boss is definitely selling the business and what does that mean for you? Maybe it's a blessing in disguise and will force you to concentrate on getting your body healed. Maybe not though if you need the job financially. I'm not helping am I?

Hope your day improves. Can you sneak in a nap since you're at home or will the damn phone keep waking you up. Take it off the hook and get a Nanna nap in to recharge your batteries.

This is starting to sound like a Soul comment. *Waves* Hi Soul, hope you're having a better day than our dear Jamie here. Ok I'm off, got chores to catch up on. Later gator.

abbagirl74 said...

Well, this sucks. But one things for sure, the unpredictable weather report is predictable. Hugs to you girlfriend!

Portia said...

Sounds like a lot bit of chaos there. I hope things settled down, but if that was too much to ask then I guess hope you got some down time.

Foster Communications said...

I always thought working from home sounded like a little bit of heaven. Now that I'm doing it out of necessity if find it really isn't all that. I do like to keep my home and work separate. I think it was meant to be like that. I can't find anything--and while I'm fine with a messy home I need my office to be totally organized. The worlds are not blending well!

Kelly Jene said...

Sounds like a crazy day! Where would your boss be with out you. Sheesh.

I hope you have a quiet, relaxing, sleep filled night.

SOUL: said...

hmmmm.... i missed another one. how do i do that.
well.. don't answer that.. we all know already.

so anyhow... hope you got it all fixed.

HI GYPSY...:))

catcha later pal...