Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Go with it

And so, today it is 36 degrees outside, and the sun is shining. The ice is falling from the trees, finally, and the noise is making the cats and CrazyDog nervous. It's almost funny---just as soon as they settle back down, another splat...and once again, they jump up to see what all the fuss is about. I have the front door wide open, and the furnace blowing full blast, but damn, fresh air HAS to be had sometimes.

OS came to visit earlier today, on his way to the chiropractor. That cheered me. I am trying to change my lowly attitude, I know it's not in the right place. A shower helped of course, they always do...I have been up some, trying to tidy things up a little, even though everything is in its place, the old house looks sort of un-loved, or maybe it's just me....but I did do some dusting, and re-arranging. Mostly just putzing. That tired me out, it doesn't take much. Tomorrow, I will be leaving early for the big city to the Dr and then to shop, I can tell you already it won't take long for me to wear all the way out. It is my hope to return to work for at least a short while on Thursday, and a longer while on Friday. It IS time...things are not getting done and I will have clearance from my Dr by then.

I just wanted you all to know that I am in a better frame of mind now. Things rarely are as bad as they seem...and even when they are, what can be done, other than go with it?

Have a great Tuesday evening. I am planning on it. :)


The Real Mother Hen said...

I'm psychic. I know you will feel better tomorrow. You will go to see your doctor, get out, have some real food, and SHOPPING :)
And there will be a lot of people in your way. No worries though, your angel will guide you through it.

Gypsy said...

Don't be too hard on yourself Jamie. We all have bad days and most of us have a lot less reason to complain than you.

Enjoy your day tomorrow and I hope the Doc has good news for you.

SOUL: said...

i didnt even see this yesterday. :((
sounds good tho. and you did get some fresh air and move around, and even saw the boy., all sounds good, and good for you. that's "good" :))

ugh. why is my vocabulary dwindling as it is??? you'd think i was drunk or somethin lately. must be the fact that i just dont go out much anymore. dunno. i haven't even been fishin since october. and it's not even the weather preventing it. that's a shame.
oh well.

i hope you have a "splendid"
there's a different word... day today... and i reallllllleeeeeee hope you can find a beer that suits your tasty buddies today--- or perhaps a margarita on the rocks???
daaaaaamn i miss those!!!! salt on the rim. ooooh. yep--ya really oughtta try one... lemmee know how THAT goes.
be careful today and listen to that body of yours... it knows you better than you do.
that sounds kinda stupid eh?
latah bebe`