Friday, November 30, 2007

Mark me ABSENT

Big storm on the way over the weekend. Holy crap, you'd think we lived in the 1800's, the way people run to the stores, like they are never going to get out to see civilization again. The one local store runs out of everything, from milk to toilet paper...toilet paper folks? Is it REALLY going to be that long before you can drive your four wheel drive SUV again? Geez. Generally when this happens, nothing comes of it, a few flakes of snow, maybe a little rain...and the storm magically "went around us again".

I slept last night, that helps the mood. I wish I could say it helps the pain. But I'll take anything I can get. :)

I worked hard all day yesterday at work. And I didn't get to one thing that was important on my list of priorities. Apparently my list was lacking, because the things I did do were just under the wire. Hmmmm....

This is the last day of November. Damn. I feel like I have not been present for any of 2007. Like when the teacher called my name each day in class, I was NOT there to say "here". Damn, I am looking for a much, much. M-U-C-H better 2008. Anyone out there with me on that one? I think I hear a few "hell yea's!" And on that note, I think I shall go. Happy Friday. :)


Amanda said...

We have a big storm coming over this weekend too, but this place is rarely a good snow target so we're very complacent about such things here. I'll still have to go to the store though. We've ran out of cookies and Doritos. :)

Very looking forward to 2008. Happy Friday to you too!

Summer said...

Hell Yeah!

When they predict snow around here, you'd think that it was Armageddon. I thought it was just this area that went crazy because we have people that have come to live here from all over the world, some which have never seen snow.

SOUL: said...

here's my

you know..maybe i have a few of those this time.

snow here is the same way---and for a BIG city like Fort Worth--- geesh you would THINK people could survive... a winter weather warning.

but noooooo....... damn red neckcks.

oh hunnay, we might git some snow taday... better git some goods to stock up the place , lest we die overnight!!!!

geesh. really though. one year they closed school for FOUR days--- due to "icy conditions"... WTH???
2 of those days... it was MUD!!!

but yes.. here's to a better 08 to all of blogland... Lord knows we need to see our people healthy and happy in the year to come.

let's hope it happens for all of us--and then we will have to have a PARTY... in some centralized location. somewhere. eh?

i'm gonna window shop for a bike btw... so well, as my sis said to me....
jolly up girl.

it can only get better from here.
it HAS to.

ok? take it easy on yourself... and God will do the rest.
i believe that.

Andrew said...

Happy Friday Jamie! I will take your storm. The weather here is boring and I would love to be snowed in for a few days. I ain't gonna happen though. It never snows here much to my chagrin. Hope you are feeling well, and don't work too hard today.

abbagirl74 said...

I hear you girlfriend! Hell yah! I am so glad I am off until Sunday. I couldn't imagine the mayhem in the stores this weekend. Hope the weather doesn't get too bad.

Keep warm and snuggly! Have a wonderful weekend!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Well you KNOW that there's a big HELL YEAH from this end, dear Jamie! I'm am pinning my hopes on 2008 being way much better, brighter and healthier than this one! It is cold,dark and wet here this morning too, lovely... not. But I am still smiling, I think it's gonna be a good day, maybe one to remember! :-)

The Real Mother Hen said...

Happy Friday to you too :)
Husband was one of those who get all hang-up about the weather too. It was very snowy and icy yesterday morning, so he called me several times to be carefully. Finally I asked him to look out the window, all snow which supposed to turn into ice, melted by 10am! And this Nov, my gas heater bill is the lowest ever. The heating bill just costs less every year, what a miracle!

Portia said...

That's funny, I live in one of those black holes that gets a dusting while every surrounding county is closed down for days due to ice and snow.

Here's to 2008!

Golden To Silver Val said...

I wanna live where portia lives!! We have snow/freezing rain warnings here too. People always get a little crazy with stocking up on the supplies. The only thing that makes me a little nervous is losing power, but I do have a generator to keep heat on and the kitchen powered. 2007 has not been too good of a year for me but I keep thinking, "it could have been worse" and that helps some. I'm with you....wishing with all my might that 2008 with be GREAT. (eat your heart out, Hallmark) LOL
Hang in there, keep smilin'. Hugs.

Leann said...

hell yea!!

People are so weird.