Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fun facts

Because I am at a loss for things to say this morning that are not a total repeat of things that I have said over and over and over the past few weeks, I thought I would post a few facts about myself that some of you might not know:

I was once "kidnapped" in the middle of the night, by a group from my high school, for winning a spot in the most exclusive choral group in the school. It was all pre-arranged with my mother-they came into my bedroom, pulled me out of bed, and took me out to a pick up truck. I was driven around with about five others, for hours-in the Arizona desert, then taken out for breakfast, then sent to school in that disastrous state. They did, at least have clothes that my mother had sent along. :)

I grew up singing in every choral event possible. I won several awards and trips. It was what I wanted to do with my life, at one time. Man oh man, I could hit the high notes once.

I once climbed a mountain in Phoenix in the daylight and partied up there. Had a hell of a time getting back down, in my not-so-sober state, in the dark. I learned my lesson on that one.

I was a score keeper for a dirt bike race track way back in the 70's. It was fun, and hard--those damned bikes were hard to tell apart from the tower.

Later, I was a manager/promoter for a dirt race track for IMCA race cars for two years. It was the toughest job I ever loved. Freakin' whiners.

I had a ghost in my house in 1982. Someday I will tell you all about her. It was quite...something.

I went to a couple of biker parties in my wilder days. I was never treated with more respect. Seriously.

H and I spent an evening in the company of Kellen Winslow, Sr a few years back. Damn, I was in love.....for those of you that aren't football fans, he played for San Diego and I think still holds the record for the most touchdowns in a game...but I am getting old and not sure on that one. :) I had my picture taken with him, and let me tell you H got his butt right over there and horned in on it! It made me laugh.

I had all three of my children "au natural". Why? I thought it was best that way. I probably would do that differently now. My oldest and my youngest were nearly ten pounds. My middle child weighed close to eight pounds. And yes, it hurt.

I'm going to give up now---kitty's getting in the way, they are very needy this morning! Or maybe it's me?

Have a good weekend!


Summer said...

Thanks for telling us a little bit more about you. I loved it. Now spill it about the ghost.

SOUL: said...

very cool stuff... and no one even made you do it. that's the funny part.

i love the thing about the football pic--- i can really see H, doing that.

and the ghost story---yep, do tell.

and the kidnapping thing---were you scared at all--or did you know what was goin on...surely later you had to know...but at first--wth did you think?
and what a KOOL mom. :))

have a good and careful day my friend.

Josie Two Shoes said...

THis was a really fun and interesting read Jamie - nope, didn't know any of that about you!! You lived in AZ for awhile? I hear you on the biker dudes, I have had the same experience. Not everyone is of the stereotyped image. Wow, those were some big babies for tiny little you... YOUCH! LOL at H and the photo op. And yes, please tell us a ghost story! :-)

Golden To Silver Val said...

My ex was a dirt bike racer for a few years. I had friends that were really into motocross and flat track..does the name "Diz" mean anything to you? I am all ears to hear about the ghost daughter has one in her house but its not evil. And the babies!!! OMG...ouchie of mine was over 9 lbs but I at least had a saddleblock. Have a great Saturday...has the storm hit you yet? They say we're gettin' it tonight.

JYankee said...

that's really cool..a meme from Jamie. yeah the ghost story...oooooh....waiting for details on that! would like to know more about the mountain-top party in least the getting down part...LOL

Portia said...

Excellent random stories! I love knowing that you are a singer, it's just the sort of thing I won't forget. I can't wait to hear about the ghost too...?:)

Cheryl said...

Hey, this was a great post for someone who didn't think she had much to say.

I don't want to know about the ghost. Give a warning when you're going to write about it. I'm a scardy cat.

Pen and the Sword said...

That was a fun read... I love getting to know everyone in the 'community'. You so rock, lady. :o) Oh, and thanks for not giving up on me. You are a real sweetheart.

Amanda said...

I enjoyed reading these facts. :)