Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ramblings of a middle age insomniac

That first sip of coffee in the morning is like a drug. None that follow are as wondrous.

I think that the toy makers are missing a HUGE share of the market by not aiming at the grandparents, not that I am one, but I am at a loss of what to buy my niece, and the demographic is right, and I am not seeing one toy commercial anywhere, and believe me, I am watching MUCHO TV these days.

I resent the political phone calls and survey phone calls I have been getting these past weeks that I have been at home. They irritate the hell out of me.

Cats are either stoned or have the entire world figured out.

I am reading the best book and cannot stay awake to get very far with it. Old age maybe?

Snow or ice on the way for the weekend. I really should have expected it, as the dealership Christmas party is Saturday night. You really cannot have one without the other.

I got new pajamas-four pair of them. I rarely buy anything for myself, but I am really into these new jammies. For one thing, I live in them right now. For another, they are still long enough, H hasn't shrunk them yet---lord, how I hate the pants on anything too short, and I have long legs. Unless I can find talls, they are too short. So, I am pretty pumped. See how little it takes to excite me?

I have only just begun on the Christmas shopping thing, and my motivation has not returned. I will get it all done somehow.

If the hy-vee deli kitchen closed, H and I would die of starvation, we have had rotisserie chickens purchased there probably 5 nights out of 7 for weeks. I do not get tired of it.

YS and GF are back together. I hope they can be happy-I want what's best for both of them.

CrazyDog is really living up to her name, way worse than usual. We have tried puppy prozac in the past, and various pills to calm her down, but they only make her sleep 20 hours out of 24. That is no way to live. I feel bad for her, she is having such troubles and cannot be helped by anyone but H.

I should be sleeping. I just can't - frankly, I am so tired of sleeping. Now that's a funny sentence. Later, when I am at work, I will wish I had slept longer.

I dreamed of bicycling again. I think that woke me up. Well, that and the cat on my head. :)

Have a good day.


Gypsy said...

Well we have both treated ourselves to something this week - good for us. I have the opposite problem to you - my legs are short and every pair of pants I get have to have at least 3 or 4 inches cut off and THEN turned up. How tall are you? I'm 5'3".

Hope you have a great time at the party on Saturday night with or without snow. It's as hot as hades here and I'm envious of your cold weather.

Summer said...

Don't you find though if you buy talls that the rise is too long and the waist comes up too high and you look like Pee Wee Herman?

Cheryl said...

One of the things I look forward to most on my days off is that cup of coffee. Doesn't take much to get me excited.

PJ bottoms that stay long are the best. Last year my daughter bought me flannel ones and we watched with humor as the arms and sleeves got shorter with every washing. And, I don't leave them in the dryer full time! A friend got me a very expensive pair of PJ's a few years ago and they are still in perfect condition and my favorite. That's why I'm buying my sister $50 PJ's for Christmas. We exchanged names and $50 is the amount. I figured who buys themselves $50 PJs? I hope she thinks it's a fantastic gift. She's hard to please.

What book are you reading?

Happy Thursday Jamie!

Beth said...

OMG!!!!PUPPY PROZAC?!!!! sign my do up!!!! My dog can tell time...every morning at 6:30am, she starts waking everyone up...regardless of what day it is..I have to teach her about Saturdays..

I love jammies!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm gypsy..i think that jamie is A LOT taller than think YOU have problems..Im only 5'1" I am here chatting with gypsy on Jamie's blog..hmm..sounds like you had a non-eventful day.. ahead of you... jammies...women's best friend!

SOUL: said...

i know you feel like you are in hell these days.... but still... you crack me up.
jammies, puppy prozac, and "chicken-do-or-die".... and let's not forget the COFFAY!
good Lord, i love coffee, and would surely die --- or kill --- without it!

and i know whatcha mean about the sleep--- either bitch about too little -- or too much. can we ever be satisfied? i am beginning to think NOT.
BUT i am happy to hear that you got and like your jammies.

unfortunately--- had you sa is that you bought and loved ONE- or even TWO pair... i would know what to get you for christmas... but nooooo..... who the hell needs SIX pair of new jammies????

hmmmm... and surely you wouldn't want any CHICKEN! LOL

hmmm.......or maybe... i'll just scrooge up and not get anyone anything! how's THAT?

(just kiddin)
a deals a deal. even though... i do not know HOW i am supposed to pack and move AND shop AND do this damn christmas thing all at the same time.

hmmmm...... i'm bloggin in your box again aren't i?

it CAN'T be helped ya know?
i do it all the time. maybe if i put socks on my hands when i get online it would prevent THIS????? ya think????

have the happiest day you can. i know it's tough right now--- but laughing IS healthy---- and i will get a laugh or two out of you today!!! i'm gettin pretty good at that. (if nothin else).

laters chicken
oops i mean chicky.

SOUL: said...

ps... just so ya know--- i am drinking coffee out of a styrofoam cup---and it is "oozing" all over the place!
(like when you were here!) omg.... will i EVER learn?

OK...i'll leave....geesh

SOUL: said...

i'm happy to hear about the "kidz"
you did do the right thing ya know. i bet you're glad you did!
i hope things work out---and we can talk more about this later.
just wanted to say good job!
and tell them... good luck. it's not gonna be easy... but i hope they make it.

:)) ok ok ok.. i really AM going now

abbagirl74 said...

You're a HyVee shopper? Good thing I like you. I can't stand HyVee.

Funny, I haven't seen any toy commercials this year either. Perhaps with all of the things going on in China and the lead issue, the toy companies may not want to advertise.

We are preparing for snow/ice here as well. Bring it on!

simonsays said...

abbagirl---i have no choice, I hate them too, but there is no other place for more than 50 miles!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Lord, here you are being creative and funny in the wee hours of the morning. Six hours later I still have just one eye open and I'm at the office! New jammies are wonderful treat and I'm glad you indulged yourself, bout time you had something fun going on. I'm a sucker for flannel sheets in winter, so I had to buy some last weekend.

Yes, I do think cats pretty much have it all figured out - they run the house, sleep when and where they want, eat when they want, and pretty much do whatever they darn please!

So glad to hear about YS and his GF. Makes for a much happier Christmas if they can be together.

And yes, bad weather and parties or holidays always seem to go together. God may have a rather warped sense of humor! :-)

Love you girl, have the best day that you can! Me, I'm gonna sit here and itch!

The Real Mother Hen said...

What book are you reading?
Wait, don't answer.
If it doesn't keep you awake and flip the pages through, then it must have no blonde and no sex.
Ok that's boring.

Portia said...

Great post! Are you on the "Do Not Call List"? If not, you can go to and register your number. It takes about a month, but if they still call, you just tell them you're on the list and they leave you alone. I guess it works for those surveys too... I love what you said about cats. Makes me want to be one:D Enjoy your chicken & your book! I hope you sleep better tonight.

Portia said...

p.s. i have the same problem with pants, so when i find long ones i like i buy as many as i can afford:) drives me crazy.

Maria said...

I love Hy-vee Deli chicken. It is just so fucking EASY to manage a meal with it. You warm up a can of baked beans and put some rolls in the oven and maybe make a salad and you are done.

My kind of meal.

Dreaming of bicycling...your body is trying so hard to heal, it has the right idea.