Saturday, November 10, 2007

M-O-V-I-N-G Again

And it's moving day, once again. I have been writing here, at this blog site, for about fourteen months, and I think that there have been three moving days for my daughter in that period of time. I think. I should ask my husband and oldest son, I am certain they could tell me. I know that neither of them are the least bit excited about doing it once again, as she owns the heaviest things on this planet. And once again, she is moving to the second floor, to an apartment two hours from here. Poor H and OS. And I of course, am not able to be of any kind of help this time. :( On the positive side, the weather should cooperate, it will be sunny and in the 50's and that will help.

I am planning to go to work, although at this point, that is looking a little harder than I had hoped. I am weak and worn out from head to toe, legs and arms both are not working properly. I will give it my best shot. I have not figured out how I will get home from work yet, driving is out, I have not been able to do that for a while now, and all of my family will be busy with the move. I live a considerable distance to the south of where I work, in a different town, so I will have to come up with a plan on that.

I could be an interesting day. I have zero plans for it after work, I look forward to an evening at home. Last evening, H and I met the kids in the city for dinner and it was a good time, although somewhat embarrassing for me, I was in the worst shape walking wise I have ever been in, out in public, other than work, and it was really hard. I had the chair with me, but it was so crowded it seemed that would be a worse ordeal. Ugh.

You all have a great Saturday and wish us luck on yet another moving day.

PS. This was my 500th Post- I feel like Seinfeld, five hundred posts about nothing.


Palm Springs Savant said...

hey there...good luck with the move.

btw- I really enjoy your blog! stop by and say hi sometime

Andrew said...

500? That is awesome! You don't write about nothing. You write about you, your life, your struggles. I think you can see from your comments that people adore you and are rooting for you.

Moving is horrible. When I recently moved into this house I thought we would never get the piano through the door and inside. I still shudder when I look at it. I plan to stay put for a long time and hope to live here for the rest of my life. No more moving for me!

Take care today and don't work to hard. Enjoy your evening and give us another post. I stop in several times a day just to see how you are doing. I am thinking of you.

SOUL said...

no time to read ...not time to talk..just sayin hi ..i lefet a not in my comments..HI OX

Maria said...

500. Wow. And they were all about something.

Some days are just more something than others.

Gypsy said...

Congratulations Jamie on the 500th. That is a remarkable achievement. I hope there will be many, many more to come in the future.

Take care of yourself today and every day. You are in my thoughts.

Cheryl said...

I'm only 100 behind you. Time flies, doesn't it? Andrew's right...moving is horrible. I haven't done it in 14 years and hope it's a long, long time till I do again.

I hope you had a good, relaxing day. You deserve it.

ps..your posts have been about a lot!

Summer said...

LOL @ 500 posts about nothing. I feel exactly the same way about my blog. The current one, not the old one. The old one had a reason.

Portia said...

happy 500th:) just catching up here...i hope the move went well.