Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A poor excuse for poetry

I am not in the mood

to talk of my plight.

my back is the same,

my legs should take flight.

I will be back tomorrow

by then, maybe happy

I'm tough to keep down

but today, I'm all sappy.


Summer said...

I'm thinking about you today.

Maria said...

Wow...poetry when you feel like shit. I am impressed....

Gypsy said...

Love ya Jamie and your great sense of humour. Anyone who is in such pain who can still put a light spin on things is a bloody legend in my book.

JYankee said...

AMEN to all the comments above..that is ALL i have to say to that!

Amanda said...



Portia said...

You ARE tough to keep down! You rock and so does your poetry:) I'll be thinking of you. Take it easy.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Now this made me laugh - you up there in so much agony, still finding the energy to write a rhyme for our benefit. I love your fighting spirit Jamie, hang on tight to it! XOXO


Rest up and I'll be here with your pals until you're ready to post! Please please rest or I'll, well, I dunno...I'll just tell you to rest and then lets all go to Vegas!!!!!!

CCC said...

Thinking of you :::smooch::: thanx for your post, btw. So true. ;)

SOUL: said...

the word by itself made me laugh.
for some reason it made me think of crappy----then
i thought of crocks! LOL

in all seriousnous... i think they might help your pain....but ...i'm not sayin to wear em in public...even tho they don't squeak!


Cheryl said...

Sappy today, happy tomorrow? I hope so.

SOUL: said...

hey....i got it!!!
i finally figured it out. after all time.
i was just over on a certain bloggers page... and i saw a comment you left.... and well... i just think you're sort of a really super kinda person, ya know. you have so much shit goin on, yet you always have good stuff to help cheer people through their own struggles. and so.. i'm sittin there, readin this and thinkin that.. and lookin at you choke your dang chicken
and that's when it hit me.


howddaya like that ? slick.
(and no, it wasn't my blog, although, you do say some pretty cool stuff there too)

simonsays said...

Hey. I like super chicken...but then I just plain like chicken, super or not...teehee

SOUL: said...

glad you like it.. cuz that just can't be beat!
happy humpday..
really, i hope it is HAPPY for you.

simonsays said...

Now that is just BAD. It sounds like something H would say, and I'm tellin' you, that's BAD.


SOUL: said...

er uh
thanks for makin my morning better...
i hope yours improves!