Saturday, October 06, 2007

Owie Owie Owie

Just a few quick thoughts this morning, I am drugged up and late again, as usual these days.

I overdid it yesterday and paying for it dearly this morning. I am going to work for a short while this morning, and planning on bringing some work home with me.

I went to the big city last night and had a really good time with all my kiddos but the two hour car ride home about killed me. More pills needed, apparently.

H says I am walking like Tim Conway. This cracked me up, until my assistant at work who is young said "who is that?" Then I felt old. Grrr.... But apparently my own kids don't know who that is, either....

I am depressed over my current situation but determined to change that. I will not let it define me.

H wants me to get a Rascal---you know, the electric wheelchair, but then he has always wanted
one of those. Dork. This whole deal has to be temporary, I will not give in.

After dinner, we went to Barnes and Noble for a little while, oh how I love that place, I hobbled around for a few minutes, long enough to spend a hundred plus. I never have a problem spending money in a book bendy covers...yes D, I know I am funny.....

I am off---to work. Yes, I AM off, in other ways, too. But no time to discuss those. :)


Josie Two Shoes said...

Mornin' Sweet Jamie! It made me smile that even thru the pain you are sounding a tiny bit lighter this morning. I guess at least knowing for sure what the problem is, is a mental relief if not a physical one. Now I think you'd just look darn cute scootin' around on a rascal, but like you, I'm standing firm on the belief that they are gonna get you fixed up right, and you won't need that thing. When is the doc gonna start your treatment?

Bookstores? I LOVE bookstores - Barnes & Noble is such a classy place! Better take away my VISA before I walk in one of them! :-) Glad you found some things that looked fun to read. A few new books is a treat for the soul!

Glad you are planning to make this a short one at the office, at least at home you can rest and play with it piece by piece. Have a good weekend Jamie, things are gonna get better!

Summer said...

Hehe. Tim Conway. One of the best funny men around!

Pen and the Sword said...

I'm sorry to hear that the pain won't relent. I hope today is better for you. Man, I haven't been to a decent book store in so long. I just love how those places smell. There is nothing like the smell of a brand new book. But all we have here in peonville is a place called BookWorld and the selection is so limited. The only other way to get to a decent book store is to drive over an hour south of here. So I have resorted to

I sure hope you feel better, hon. You will be in my thoughts.

Maria said...

I am not allowed in book stores for the rest of the month after I laid down 78 smackers the last time I was there (and I used my 25% off for educators coupon!)

Feel better soon, sweetie. And in answer to your question on my blog: I get spinal epidurals every 6 months which do help. I also wear a fentanyl pain patch. Back surgery was suggested at one point, but I researched it and discovered that the cure-of-pain rate was dismally low and sometimes the pain only worsened! So, I opted to NOT have surgery.

SOUL: said...

ola! my SHistah!!!
i too see that you have a lift in your spirits today.. even though only the mental pressure was releived,. PLUS you saw your kids, and i know how you love that.

i saw you at my place and left something (s) there for you.
hope ya get a smile. honestly it's the least i can do.. but every little bit helps. right?

just curious.. but what'd ya eat last night? (you know how i like to hear about FOOD!)

i have been itchin to go to barnes and noble myself. i wish my damn eyes weren't on fiah all the friggin time! i just may take a trip over there though. i can't remember the last time i aCTUALLY bought A book. (much less READS one) other than a magazine. which.. btw,,, if you have noticed, and i'm sure you haven't/... but it is damn hard to find a decent fishin (bass) magazine anywhere BUT barnes and noble. sooo. i just may be goin there tonight.

anyhow.. don't work too hard!

and i UNDERSTAND your feelings about the "rascal".. i have posted a few times about those on my page.. i call them hover-rounds.. ppl thought i was talking about a vacuum cleaner! so i had to post a pic one day! funny.

people crack me up!

anyhow.. you're gonna get fixed up soon girl. just hang tight. eh?

ps.. that fentynal stuff is some really strong med. if you get that, be very careful. i'm sure it works.. but i have also seen it on "forensic files". ACK.

anyhow.. go see what i have for ya.

SOUL: said...

oh.. i forgot to tell you... soulman didn't know who tim conway was either. so i guess maybe it just depends on what kind of tv ya watch. but i loved him .. with
mrs awiggens. funny as hell!

anyhow.. go have a peek at what i got. :))

have a great night.
and if that isn't possible
have a six pack!

JYankee said...

hey y'all i know who tim conway is...gosh... talk about generation gap or taste gap..ha..glad you were able to get around...even if you did pay for it in the end. your determination and strength never fails to amaze me...i for one..could not do it... sending the "owie go away" vibes your way...)))))))

Gypsy said...

I don't know who Tim Conway is....Is that because I'm Australian cos it sure as hell isn't because I come from the under 30's

Glad to hear you sounding brighter Jamie. I was very worried about you and I still am, but nothing ever seems as bad when your head is in the right place. Big Hugs.

the landshark said...

i freaking love tim conway. i'm laughing at that comparison. he's kind of a funny guy, that H.8

the landshark said...

yeah. im not sure what that 8 is about. disregard.

SOUL: said...

i'm cruisin.. lookin for YOU :))

SOUL: said...

jamie.. you didn't scroll down far enough on my page. go see "the relative" :))
and get your coffee and come here! :))

Cheryl said...

I too love bookstores, but mainly for the coffee and magazines. I'm a library girl, myself.

My parents both have those scooters and the grandkids love nothing better than to play with them, when allowed. Both parents can walk, but not very well. Fortunately most stores have them now, except Marshall's. I keep meaning to complain to corporate.

I'm really sorry that you're in such pain. I wish I could share your burden.

Portia said...

:) hm. i had to look him up ...i thought he was a country music guy. maybe i was thinking of conway twitty...

Pen and the Sword said...

That is sad. You are a great mother. I never had that kind of closeness with my parents.