Monday, October 08, 2007



I am determined to make it today. If determination were money, I wouldn't NEED to work, because today I would be a millionaire. I will make it today, at least as long as a normal day. I don't feel any better, but I am tired of feeling like a failure. My older sister called me last evening, she has a way of knowing when I need to talk to her, and me---being me---would rarely reach out to her. She is the only normal, sane person in my family. She always understands me, no matter what. And she manages to make sense of all my stupidity, even to me. No, she can't fix anything, and she can't make anything better. But she does somehow calm me, and tell me what I already know. And yes, she did suggest what a really good friend has already suggested a time or two in emails and on the phone, and yes, I am going to look into hooking up to my job from home and doing the best I can in both places. Stubborn much? Perhaps. But today, I am going to do the very best I can. Tomorrow be damned, and it probably will be. :)

I think Mondays should take a break --- or a holiday, and we should get a break from them. Start the week off on Tuesday now and then, anyone agree? Have a good day. Out.


I talked with my Dr's office again today, and i have the first epidural this Friday! I was she has told me last Friday that it would be a few weeks until I could get this scheduled. However, she said today that the Dr didn't think I should wait that long. I am happy to hear that, and hopeful that this will help. Very hopeful. It's nearly two pm and I am still at work, although my determination is waning a bit, as the pain is increasing. Many of the staff is out today with bronchitis, I can only assume that Soul passed it around to everyone (thanks, Soul :)) teehee. So, I will abandon ship only as a last resort, but that resort will be arriving sooner rather than later. Out.


JYankee said...

Oh yes Jamie...I agree with you there...but then what if Tuesdays started feeling like Mondays??? eeewww... Good luck with work today..follow big sis's advice..try to link up from home..I bet you could half of it from there...

Cheryl said...

I agree and fortunately, I am off on Mondays. Great day to be off. I work on Saturdays, but I'm used to that. I love my daughter going off to school on Monday and knowing that the day is mine. I usually spend Monday's with my mom, helping her out, and that's what I'll do today.

SOUL: said...

mornin jamie. we could pretend it's tuesday and throw the entire "monday mayhem" out the window. :)) yep great word...and so suitable for so many of my stupid life situations. nah you picked a great day to mention that word... it made for great timing for a post. (so much for bloggers block with you around) :))

i HOPE you have a great day... and i hope you manage to get things straightened out at work that you will be able to do most from home, at least until ya get all fixed up.. well all fixed up as much as possible. but you know.. it will seem like a miracle, even if all they can do is take away the pain.
pain freakin sucks. and chronic pain... it can do strange things to a person...
but you are doin good . better than most... we all know that.
just "do the best you can".. for you. screw the rest. this time is YOURS. once you are feeling better and getting around better... everything will fall into place.
remember how fast you got that parts department in order??? you didnt think that would work out as well either. ehem.
the things you're fallin behind on right now... they will come together .... you know that.. you just gotta make a conscious effort to realize that
you are in a temporary situation.
and you are also very your family, friends, and a lot of other people out here in blogland.
just don't push it too hard. take care of yourself. don't let anything get worse cuz you are worrying about bossman, or anyone else. this is a time to take care of YOU, and your body. k?
ok.. well.. i slept later than normal, and i apparently missed you this mornin, but am thinkin of you... hope you have a great day...
and i'm really glad you talked to your sis. we have that little.. psychic thing" in our family too (what's left of it)... but the "i knew somethin was up, feeling).. kinda good sometimes eh?
ok .. i am outta heah.


hmm, well it is Columbus day today, so technically you can tell everyone that Crusty says you can have a day off today!! :)

It's nice to have that sister connection..makes life easier!! :)
the only thing bad about having a day off on mondays is that the kids are home too..I on the other hand just need a day off without the children around! grr

Gypsy said...

Working from home sounds like a win/win situation all round. Good luck with work, don't overdo it though and kudos for the determined outlook. Take care Jamie.

Josie Two Shoes said...

See, if you lived in the Black Hills you could have the day off - it's a holiday there... Native American Day! I wish every state did that instead of this stupid Columbus Day thing.

Determination X10 is the pure definition of Jamie, my friend. You have the will and you will find a way. I love the idea of hooking up from home, so you wouldn't feel so horrible when you just can't make it in. Great Plan!

When do you get to start some treatment on that back?

I loved that your one sane sister called - yup, she obviously knew how much you needed that. Bet you slept a little better, despite the pain.

I totally applaud your plan to erradicate Monday's now and then, they usually pretty much suck. Wouldn't it be nice if now and then the boss would just hand us a slip on Friday afternoon that says "Please take Monday off"! If I was a boss I would randomly do that just for fun! :-)

Pen and the Sword said...

Telecommuting has come a long way. If you have the ability to do so, perhaps you should look into it.

What a great idea. I saw we ban Mondays from the calendar. Garfield the cat would be pleased to hear that! LOL

I hope you have a great day, hon.

Amanda said...

I'm so happy that you are starting treatment this week. Great news! And if you can somehow do some work from home, even better. That would be great!

Amanda said...

And yes, life would be a lot simpler if we could skip Monday and just go straight to Tuesday.

Maria said...

An epidural may make a huge difference. I have an iffy past with them. Sometime, they work well, others not so much. know, give it a try, it just might be all you need.

SOUL: said...

hey there. great news!!! i hope so much this will be what helps you. just be careful that if it relieves the pain that you don't forget to still take it easy on yourself. you night accidentally go do the happy dance and make matters worse . :))

anyways... i hope you feel good, i hope you feel like you accomplished things at work, and i hope you are now drinkin a beer with your cat on the beloved couch!


ps... i didn't give no one bronchitis... if i coulda done that, i woulda gave it to you, so you could stay home!

btw... you realize, most of those people probably aren't sick at all.. they had to stay home cuz their kids didn't have school today. fire them ALL! :))

see ya latah.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Great news, Jamie! I am so eager for you to finally get some relief from that pain! Will be praying that it works miracles.

abbagirl74 said...

It's good to hear that you will be getting some temporary relief soon. Hang in there sista'!

LastStand said...

I have thoughts on Tuesday that I'll share in a later post. But I do recognize the determined to get through Monday mindset. Been there many times.

CCC said...

I am hopeful for you too! This could be the solution! The end to pain. Thank god -- I will be praying for you. I just want you to be happy and healthy. And HEALTHY!!

Gypsy said...

Well thank heavens something is finally being done to get you some relief. I hope in a couple of days you will be feeling like a million bucks.

Beth said...

I agree with jyankee....then Tuesays would feel like get rid of Tuesday , then Wedenesday feels like Monday....etc. Plus, if you got rid of Mondays, when would we see yummy Wentworth Miller in "Prison Break"? ;)

I like Monday...the boys go back to school!

Feel better Girl.... :(

Portia said...

every seven days (or so) i have that same idea about mondays... but then i'm sure i'd just turn around and hate tuesdays:)

it was so cool to see you mentioned HOPE not once, but TWICE!!! i am hoping with you too, and looking forward to friday... you know, more than normal:)