Sunday, October 07, 2007

Finer than frog hair

I have had a really good day in spite of the fact that i am damned severe pain. I stood long enough to make a salad for dinner and put potatoes in the oven to bake. H put steaks and chicken breasts on the grill and dinner was good. My race was very decent, although Tony couldn't get any help and finished eighth, but it's all good. I took a nap. It is now thundering softly in the distance---I love the rain. All in all, a good day.

Tomorrow, I work. All day. I don't care if it harelips the Governor...yes, we HAVE discussed this before and I am aware that this is a politically INcorrect, if not stupid, saying. But I am merely saying, I WILL work all day. It IS Monday, however, and that means a twelve hour day. We will see about that, I would be really happy if I could do my regular ten. :)

I am headed, once again, to my friendly couch. I wish a beautiful evening to all of you!


Pen and the Sword said...

I am glad to hear you are doing better. What kind of work do you do? It's not what hurt your back is it?

Anonymous said...

well...i hope you are better too...bummer eh...

SOUL: said...

well..hello...2 posts on one day from YOU is quite unusual. good sign. :))
glad you had a nice dinner..and good to see that the big H is helping out.
i knew he would. not many of these guys left ya know? i have one too. that's why i keep him around ya know. cuz i couldn't stand to have to train another one. :))))))

ok.. anyhow.. i have a feelin the governor comment was tossed in to confuse me? it worked.
ok yes, i am self centered and it is all about me. :))
i still have no clue wth that thing means.. but hey , if you like it.. run with it!
ttyl..happy freakin monday :)

Amanda said...

It's true. A good meal is better than most medicines. :)

Portia said...

awesome:) i'm glad it was a good weekend!