Friday, September 28, 2007

Ramble ramble ramble

Well, maybe today I can write something that actually makes sense. But that could be a pretty tall order. Yes, I did come home early from work, and yes I did lay on the couch and cry until the pills kicked in. Ugh.

This morning, the pain is there, but tolerable. I am so tired of it all, i want to run. But I don't know how to leave it behind. I am tired of writing about this sort of bullshit so I will switch gears here.

I had a really heavy kitty on my chest and shoulder most of the night. I know he keeps me awake, but i love it. He purrs quite loudly, and looks at me so sweetly when HE IS IN THE MOOD. Really, that is just like most men....teehee

I ate my pop tarts for breakfast, well----i ate the outside. I hate the stuff they put in the middle. I want someone to make an empty pop tart. Just the crust. But I guess that wouldn't really be a tart, would it? I don't believe they would sell too many "pops". But, I am okay with eating the edges only, and throwing away the middle part.

The new season of The Office started again last night-----oh, how i love that show. It is so stupid, I cannot believe I love it. But I do.

Keep your fingers crossed for a new job that YS has applied for....he wants it pretty badly, and the company has called all around checking his references. It is full time, and has benefits, and I would be so excited if I didn't have to pay his medical he hurt his back really badly at his current job and has been off work all week, he has been graced with his mothers weak back, and that is not good when you have such a physical job like his....

And say a little prayer for GF too, please. She has had some pretty severe issues these past few weeks, and i think she is on the road to recovery. I am quite proud of her----she has had to swallow her pride and do what she knows is best for her in spite of how hard it is...and that is asking alot of a twenty year old. God I love that girl....

I am off to have my insides photographed....oh how i love modern technology. It could be worse, this is only an MRI---and it is the new, open kind---I have never had one of those. I hope your day is great! Out.


Anonymous said...

that's funny ...only the crusts of the pop you eat the middle or the outside of oreos....hmmm jus a wonderin. good day to ya and good luck to your kids as well!

abbagirl74 said...

Jim and Pam together at last. I love it!

SOUL: said...

hiya jamie... i'm late... again. geesh. what a mornin.

anyhow... i am the total opposite with the pops..LOL
i only eat the middle, and hate the bland empty crust. :))
but.. to each her own.. right?

anyhow, you know i already forgot half of what you wrote. dammit.
pictures of the insides..good one. yep. i haven't had an mri in years, so can't help ya could prolly do a google images, if you're still home..or by a puter.???
or are you at work? i HOPE you have the day off.

i hate that the pain brought you to tears. i get there too..and i know that it is really horrible when it takes ya that far. wish i could help.

good luck to the boy and the GF.. it's hard to be young.. but i still am not sure which is better. i don't know if either is GOOD. teen angst..or elderly pain??
life is all about struggle and pain it seems
well.. perhaps it is about overcoming the two???
anyhow.. i'm blogging in your box again
let us know how things turn out
hope you feel better today.
have a beer.. i'll fish :))
(virtually of course.. i aint fishin today)

Josie Two Shoes said...

Ahh, a purring kitty on the shoulder - yup, can't be more loved than that (or more pinned down)! :-)

I will definitely say a prayer for YS and his GF both, what we want most of all for our kids is a good way to take care of themselves and someone great to share it with. Let us know if he gets the job!

I hope you know that we are always here to listen to you tell us how you are feeling. I hate that you have to suffer so much, and I'm praying they are going to find you some answers - today would be great!

Do you have to go back to work after the MRI? I suppose so, but I hope not. You've nearly survived your first week back at work, weekened coming up girl, you can do it!

CCC said...

Sending you...
::::healing vibes::::

Amanda said...

The very best to all of you. :)

Portia said...

well, hopefully one of these tests will be THE ONE that tells them whatever they need to know to get you feeling better.
i love the's so unreal, thank goodness:)
best wishes to YS & GF. the new job sounds great, i hope he gets it. and i hope you all have a great weekend!

SOUL: said...

jamie... i think portia is havin an identity crisis....her picture is different almost every day...but i LOVE the monkey!!! don't you?
how'd it go today?????

Maria said...

I only really like the insides of the pop we would make a good team...

I LOVE The Office. But, I missed the first show. Bing taped it for me, so I will try to catch it this weekend.

Ah. Hope the MRI is bearable.

SOUL: said...

pssssst, you up yet? 5:18 in soul land