Monday, September 03, 2007

Blobbity blobbity blah

Happy labor day to each of you. I think I will resist the laboring part, although if I am able this morning, i will go to work for awhile. Yesterday is missing-i slept away most all of it, thanks to the pain medication, lord, I hate taking it. But there was no choice in the matter....the pain has become intolerable for some reason. I really would like to get out of here for awhile today, and while work is never fun, it would be good to get a few things accomplished. Because I don't know what triggered the severity of this bout of pain, I have no idea how to make it stop. I thought that NOT riding my bike might make it better, and if this is better, then I am screwed. So, I may just try it this morning...what the hell. It seriously can't get much worse. :(

Warning----a little race talk here-yes, I know that it bores all of you...but come on...even you guys should know that Joe Gibbs racing has no business switching to TOYOTA. What the hell is happening to my sport? Official announcement will be on Wednesday, and speculation is that he will switch to the OTHER manufacturer. Damn----my father would roll over in his grave. DEI is releasing Jr and he is running to ROUSH---HOLY CRAP, Gibbs is going Toyota, what the hell? What will my Tony do? And where will JJ Yeley end up? And oh---can't forget about old big ears Kyle coming on board...I wonder what they all think about the switch in manufacturers? Toyota must have some really, really deep pockets. It's all about the dollars like most everything else these days....too bad, as money ruins most things.

Okay, back to normal subjects...although I really have little to say, my life is so exciting...H works all day today, I have no idea what is on D's agenda, but i suspect the time that i am at home today, I will be alone, and that really is okay...I have a book---with REALLY big words btw(as in large print)---and if i can stay awake, I will read it. Woohoo---what a plan! Out.


SOUL: said...

sounds like a good plan to me. what book are you reading btw??/ maybe you could pass it my way when you're done, if it's any good. you know, i can't see either, and have considered the large print books myself. sux eh? but , whatever works.

ya... well, nascar... i know nuthing about it, except a few familiar names. who won last nights' ? apparently your boy? or i suppose you woulda said.
btw.. soulman got a little jealous last night.. i was looking online to see who won... he said... if it was ME into nascar, you wouldn't care. ummmm. jealous much? geesh. boys. :))

anyhow... sorry i slept late today... hopefully soon you will sleep in unexpectedly .

log on girl. i'm here.

Josie Two Shoes said...

Good Morning Jamie! Let us know how the bikeride goes - as you say, doesn't sound like you have much to loose at this point, and I know you enjoy gettin out there. Just don't overdo it!

I hear ya on going to the office when it's closed, you can get so much more done that way. I used to be motivated like that! :-)

Admittedly, I know nothing about Nascar stuff, but I sure can relate to money and big company politics ruining things. Everything that is real and good and down-to-earth seems to get messed up like that anymore. Too bad there is no way to keep the high-dollars sponsors outta there.

Hope you have a good day, curl up with that big print book and a furkid or two and enjoy!

Amanda said...

Well, I'm not familiar with NASCAR but yes, even I know that real racers have no business driving a Toyota. :)

I had to laugh when you mentioned big words as in Large Print. Big print sure feels comfy for me these days. Like a big pair of fluffy bunny slippers. :D

Hope you're feeling much better.